RCE Minna promotes SDGs during Nigeria's Children's Day

Each year, Nigeria celebrates Children’s Day on the 27th of May. RCE Minna used the occasion to raise awareness amongst children on the 17 SDGs especially on Goal 3 and 4 (Good Health and Quality Education).

A ‘Spelling Bee Competition’ with the theme: “Safeguarding the Future of the Nigerian Child through the Sustainable Development Goals” aimed at engaging students in research beyond the four walls of their classrooms and to promote the understanding of the SDGs. The Spelling Bee Competition allowed students to get back to basics, thereby rekindling with traditional reading and writing skills.

Considering the topic of the competition, the students had to relate to environmental issues particularly relevant to Nigeria. All participants read the materials on SDGs published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the ‘Let our children teach us’ publication (a review of the role of education and knowledge in disaster risk reduction by Ben Wisner). All materials were provided by RCE Minna. Some of the words to be used for the competition were selected from these materials. The event was organised in partnership with the African Centre for Extra- curricular Research and Development, Search FM 92.3 Campus Radio, AMAB Bookshop and Chi Ltd., Niger state branch.

With a total of 11 Secondary Schools participating in the competition and more than 200 people from within and outside Niger state attending the event, it was very successful and beyond expectations. Among the attendees were Professor High Chief Casmiar Obialon (SP) the Coordinator Central Bank of Nigeria Education Programme, the Representative of Permanent Secretary Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, the Representative of the Executive Director Niger State Science and Technical Schools Board, Mallam Nuruddeen Lemu RCE Minna, Dr. Abdul Husaini (Coordinator RCE Minna).

The Winners and Outcomes

The children received educational books, certificates, and award plaques as prizes. Major outcomes of the event according to RCE Minna were the event

(1) helped enhance the students’ reasoning through research, hopefully improving the poor spelling culture as well as students’ academic performances.

(2) promoted the understanding of the SDGs, especially goal 3 and 4.

(3) increased students ’confidence in communication and public speaking.

(4) helped create a social network amongst the students. Students from different schools, and social background with different thinking and ideologies were able to share knowledge, make new acquaintances, friendships and contacts within Nigeria.

(5) allowed for interest in environemntal issues to develop independent initiatives towards sustainable environmental solutions within their own networks (immediate family and friends).

Overall RCE Minna feels there is still much need to help youth and children in their struggle to contribute to a sustainable future. 

Pictures of the event have now been uploaded on facebook.