RCE Munich-2016

1. Project Title: 
Munich University Days: Eco-Social Market Economy and Sustainability
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
3. Project partner contact information : 
RCE Munich
Lead (alternating with FOES/Green Budget Germany)
Main Contact: 
Kerstin Knuth
Kerstin Knuth
Project Manager
4. Project type
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

The „Munich University Days: Eco-Social Market Economy and Sustainability“ take place twice a year. The University Days are an inter- and transdisciplinary event to discuss sustainability topics. They take place in several cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The series of events are organized on a voluntary basis by students of different universities and disciplines and supported by RCE Munich and other NGOs. The participants are invited to share ideas with experts from science, economy and politic.

The topic of winter semester 2015/2016 was „climate justice“ with eight lectures. http://www.hochschultage.org/hochschultage-2015/muenchen2015

In the summer semester 2016 four events talked about growth. http://www.hochschultage.org/hochschultage-2016/muenchen/09-muenchner-hochschultage

6. Project status
On Going
The Topic of winter semester 2016/2017 is equilibria and social justice.
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