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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
January, 2007
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Lucknow is located in the northern part of India. Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh which has population of about 3,445,000. The city, being located in the Indo Gangetic plain is very rich in biodiversity and known for its cultural and historical heritage. Lucknow is an urban centre which is growing at a fast pace which has a direct impact on the city’s environment. The population growth and rapid urbanisation is interlinked with all the problems related to environment and development such as poverty, pollution, deforestation, overuse of natural resources, large amount of waste generation, etc. The city is one of the popular tourist destinations of India.

RCE Lucknow was established to bring together like-minded institutions to work together for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). RCE Lucknow started its ESD project on biodiversity and indigenous community from a national park, Dudhwa National Park. Focusing its work on natural resource management and biodiversity conservation, over 12 RCE Lucknow partner institutions are implementing various initiatives.

Goals and Objectives:


To motivate and involve various stakeholders in promoting education for protecting the environment, managing natural resources and conserving biodiversity for sustainable development.


  • To enhance and strengthen, evolve and co-create a space for communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing among all stakeholders involved in ESD
  • To build capacity of school, community group and partner institutions towards ESD
  • To analyse and assess knowledge, attitude, policies and practices related to protection of environment and natural resource management in the region
  • To educate masses towards sustainable living and livelihood
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Centre for Environment Education, Northern Regional Cell (CEE North)

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: CEE North
Role: RCE Lucknow Coordinator
Contact name: Preeti R. Kanaujia
Contact email: preeti.rawat@ceeindia.org

Name of organisation: CEE North
Role: RCE Lucknow Youth coordinator
Contact name: Neeraj Pal
Contact email: neeraj.pal@ceeindia.org

Name of organisation: University of Lucknow
Role: RCE Lucknow Formal Partner Institution
Contact name: Prof. Amita Kanaujia
Contact email: kanaujia.amita@gmail.com

Current Activities:

Photo credit: RCE Lucknow

  • Biodiversity and Sustainability Education in Schools: the RCE Lucknow network institutions are conducting workshops, events and campaigns in the State of Uttar Pradesh to sensitise young children and teachers in school about biodiversity conservation and sustainability
  • Nature Education and Bio cultural Camps: RCE Lucknow with partner institutions conducts camps for schools and teachers (over 8,000)
  • ESD Internships for Youth: RCE Lucknow offers internships for youth coming from various higher education institutions

Photo credit: RCE Lucknow

Upcoming Activities:
  • Sustainability Exchange Programme on Water & Health for Sustainability between RCE Lucknow and RCE Greater Western Sydney
  • Sensitisation and Education Programme on Ganga and its aquatic biodiversity

Photo credit: RCE Lucknow

  • 2012 - Presentation of RCE Lucknow case study in RCE publication and during World Conservation Congress 2012, Jeju, Korea
  • 2014 - Honourable Mention for RCE Lucknow Project on Mobile Exhibition on Biodiversity
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Main RCE Contact:
Preeti R. Kanaujia
Secondary RCE Contact:
Prof. Amita Kanaujia
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RCE Lucknow
Centre for Environment Education
Northern Regional Cell (CEE North)
83, Bal Vihar Colony
Lucknow - 226015