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RCE Cairo

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November, 2008
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Cairo works throughout six governorates, including Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Sharqia, Helwan, and 6th of October. RCE Cairo brings together universities, schools, research institutes, businesses, NGOs, and individuals at the local and regional level, to jointly promote education for sustainable development in the region.

The RCE is currently active through several projects in two major areas:

  • The implementation of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development in its focus area
  • Promoting the Water-Energy-Food nexus at local, regional and national levels as a tool to support reaching water, energy and food security
Goals and Objectives:

RCE Cairo’s goal is to enable Egypt to implement the SDGs till 2030 and support the realisation of the priorities of GAP on the ground. The specific objectives of RCE Cairo are:

  • Disseminating ESD nationwide in terms of enhancing learning environment, empowering the role of youth, developing the educators’ capacity, advancing ESD policy, and accelerating sustainable solutions at local level
  • Carrying out applied research to support the implementation of the SDGs especially to support SDG 1, 2, and 6
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

SEKEM Development Foundation

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: The American University in Cairo
Role: Coordinator
Contact name: Prof. Hani Sewilam
Contact email:

Name of organisation: SEKEM Development Foundation
Role: Host Institution
Contact name: Regina Hanel
Contact email:

Current Activities:
  • Education for Sustainable Development funded project with 500k Euros to promote ESD in Egypt and create a model of school 2030. This project started in 2009 with different funding and is now in its phase III
  • Water-Energy-Food Model contributing to the SDGs through research and capacity building activities. The model is the result of several EU funded projects with a total investment of about 1 Million euro including infrastructure, training abroad, curriculum development and dissemination events
  • MSc program in sustainable development that has been established by the RCE network in collaboration with two UNESCO Chairs and offered now by the American University in Cairo. Students of this MSc program work very closely with the RCE Cairo in several ESD and SDGs related activities and events
Upcoming Activities:
  • Sustainable rural development project will be starting 15 October 2018 for another three years. The project is also funded from the EU and it is a collaboration between EU and Egyptian partners. The main objective of the project is to eradicate poverty in the villages by increasing income through sustainable agriculture and in turn steering migration and reduce moving it to the city as well as illegal migration across borders
  • Establishing 7 centres of excellence on ESD at seven Egyptian universities in Egypt (three year project – TEMPUS Funding)
  • ESD in slum areas as summer schools (1 year project – GIZ funding)
  • Develop a school 2030 model of two universities in line with the GAP priorities (EU-GIZ funding – running project)
  • Developed ESD kits for grades 5-9 and this year (2018) new kits will be developed to cover grades 1-4 (three years project – EU funding)
  • Developed with other international partners ESD kits available in iBook store (for searching ESD Kits Level 1, ESD Kits level 2, ESD kits Level 3) – the same project under 4
  • Developing MSc in sustainable development and two other green entrepreneurship MSc degrees at other universities (three years project – EU funding)
  • Trained many teachers and professors on ESD and integrating sustainability in existing curriculum (different RCE activities and self-funding)
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Prof. Hani Sewilam
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