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RCE Creias-Oeste

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Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
August, 2007
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

CREIAS-Oeste is the RCE of the Region Oeste in Portugal. It consists of an informal network of diverse institutions – municipalities, schools, universities, enterprises, NGOs.  


Goals and Objectives:


  • Promote ESD in the region.


  • General objective: develop actions to strengthen awareness about the relationship between human behaviours and the environment
  • Specific objective: in the last years, special attention has been given to the interactions between agriculture/food production, food consumption/health and environment, and social economy
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

MPI (Movimento Pró-Informação para a Cidadania e Ambiente) (NGO)

Key Partners:
  • CM Torres Vedras - Municipality
  • CM Lourinhã - Municipality
  • CM Peniche - Municipality
  • CM Bombarral - Municipality
  • CM Cadaval - Municipality
  • CEIFACOOP - Cooperative
  • LOURICOOP - Cooperative
  • IPL - Peniche - University
  • FCT-UNL - University
  • ESCO - Vocational school
  • Escola Secundária do Bombarral - High school
  • Escola Secundária da Lourinhã - High school
  • Escola Secundária de Peniche - High school
  • Museu da Lourinhã - Museum
  • Tá a Mexer - Youth association
  • Lourambi - NGO
  • MPI Cidadania e Ambiente - NGO
  • Fundação João XXIII - NGO
  • COTHN - Centro Operacional Tecnológico Hortofrutícola Nacional - Training centre
  • Centro de Formação de Professores de Torres Vedras - Municipal teacher training centre
  • Biofrade - Company
  • Ecominhocas - Company
  • APAS - Associação dos Produtores Agrícolas da Sobrena - Producer Association
  • ACIRO - Associação do Comércio e Indústria da Região Oeste - Trade and Industry Association
  • Leader Oeste - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Rural - Development Organisation
  • AdL - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Local da Lourinhã - Development NGO
Current Activities:
  • Workshops and awareness sessions addressed to the general public and students
Upcoming Activities:
  • Cooperation between other Portuguese RCEs is a challenge that we would like to achieve. We aspire for more cooperation at European RCE level as well as greater participation in international events or actions, such as Pesticide Action Week, World Disco Soup Day or Revolution Food Day, for example.
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Alexandra Azevedo
Secondary RCE Contact:
Suhita Osório-Peters
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