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RCE Eswatini

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Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
March, 2008
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Swaziland is currently a virtual entity, rather than an established organization, key activities on sustainable development and environment include issues of public awareness, participation and access to information; training and capacity building; community outreach; collaborative research; and curriculum reform all levels especially tertiary and secondary

The Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland) is situated in the south-eastern part of Africa between 25° and 28° latitude south and 30° and 33° longitude east. The country covers a land area of 17,364 km2 and has an elevation range of 60-1,860 masl. Eswatini is landlocked, bounded by the Republic of South Africa on the north, west and south and by Mozambique to the east  Although small in size, Eswatini is characterized by a great variation in landscape, geology, soils, climate and biodiversity.

Goals and Objectives:

To be a national hub which coordinates and facilitates the implementation of EE/ESD activities by the various EE/ESD network members in the Swaziland.

Goals and objectives:

  • Raise awareness and educate the nation on ESD issues
  • Mainstream ESD issues into the curriculum at all levels
  • Capacitate out of school youth with environment and sustainability issues
  • Develop a vibrant eco-schools program in the country
  • Economic benefits from rehabilitation activities
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Swaziland Environment Authority

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: UNISWA
Role: Transforming learning and teaching environments
Contact name: Dr Mandla Mlipha
Contact email: 

Name of organisation: Local Municipalities
Role: Mobilising the youth and also developing sustainable solutions to local problems
Contact name: Lemohang Mtshali
Contact email:

Name of organisation: National Curriculum Centre
Role: Incorporate environment and sustainability issues into the curriculum
Contact name: Steven Dlamini
Contact email: 

Current Activities:

Photo credit: RCE Swaziland

  • Capacity building of law enforcement officers and community members (litter wardens - like a neighbourhood care watch initiative focusing on waste)
  • Community Based waste management projects
  • Sustainable Land Rehabilitation project
  • Eco Schools program
  • Coordinating youth ESD activities
  • National Education and awareness program
  • National cleanup campaigns
  • National referendums on ESD issues

Ngculwini donga rehabilitation (Photo credit: RCE Swaziland)

Upcoming Activities:
  • Develop a manual for the eco schools program
  • Waste separation project for the community based waste management programs and for Matsapha Town Council, have buy back centres in all our towns
  • Refugee Integration project
  • Commemoration of Environments Day and making sure the media is involved
  • Training of the media of environment news reporting
  • The formal education curriculum of the  has aspects of environment and sustainability
  • Country  policies embrace ESD issues
  • Environmental interventions with economic benefits for the locals
  • Hosting EEASA conference with a historic youth parallel session
  • Successfully cooperated with non ESD stakeholders to implement ESD activities
  • We have a vibrant youth ESD clubs across the institutions of higher learning
  • The youth have successfully participated in the 2nd  African RCE youth virtual conference and the 1st Europe, Africa-Asia youth virtual conference
  • Cycling for SDGs Swaziland

Sigwe Wetlands rehabilitation benefits (Photo credit: RCE Swaziland)

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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Isaac Gcina Dladla
Secondary RCE Contact:
Belusile Mhlanga
RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Kunene Lindelwa
General RCE email:
RCE mailing address for correspondence:

P.O.Box 2602 Mbabane, H100, Swaziland