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November, 2014
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Iskandar covers the area of the whole Iskandar Malaysia region, the Malaysia Southern economic development corridor in the state of Johor. RCE Iskandar is unique in that it is a strong collaboration between academia (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - UTM) and a Policy-maker (Iskandar Regional Development Authority - IRDA). Both UTM and IRDA are strong advocates toward ESD, especially relating to Low Carbon Society (LCS). RCE Iskandar's activities include Education & Awareness, Policy Making & Implementation, Research & Knowledge-Sharing, and Networking & Collaboration. Some of the main projects under RCE Iskandar are Iskandar Malaysia Ecolife Challenge, Eco-Tourism Kampung Sungai Melayu, Iskandar Learning Festival, Iskandar Malaysia Sustainable & Low Carbon Schools Exhibition, Problem-Based Learning for Low Carbon Society, Kawan Iskandar Malaysia, Iskandar Malaysia Youth Hub, Low Carbon Village FELDA Taib Andak, Urban Farming and International Conference on Low Carbon Asia.

Goals and Objectives:

RCE Iskandar Malaysia facilitates collaboration into research, development and promotion of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) towards realising Low Carbon Society (LCS) in Iskandar Malaysia and Asian Region.

Goals and objectives:
RCE Iskandar aims to create awareness among the stakeholders and public on sustainable development (SD) which can result in behavioural change.

This will produce experts in SD in all levels of society and create a community that can educate SD to the general public. By giving recognition and acknowledgement to the experts, more experts and stakeholders can be engaged.

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Regional Authority (Government)

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Johor
Role: Propagating ESD awareness at schools
Contact name: Aerma Nurazalina Musa
Contact email: aerma.musa@moe.gov.my

Name of organisation: Kelab Alami
Role: Enable the local community to benefit from and participate in marine-related employment and eco-tourism activities
Contact name: Dr Serina Rahman
Contact email:  serina_mola@yahoo.com

Current Activities:
  • Iskandar Malaysia EcoLife Challenge (IMELC)
  • Low Carbon Education for Secondary Schools (Problem-Based Learning, PBL)
  • Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Shoreline Ecosystems (PESISIR)
Upcoming Activities:
  • Iskandar Malaysia EcoLife Challenge (IMELC) for year 2018
  • Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Shoreline Ecosystems (PESISIR) for year 2018
  • Low Carbon Education for Secondary Schools (Problem-Based Learning, PBL) for year 2018

Group photo with VIPs and winners, IMELC 2017 Final Presentation (Photo credit: RCE Iskandar)

  • RCE Iskandar was launched by the Johor State Exco on Health and Environment in 2015
  • Received the Global RCE Award on Flagship Project (Climate Change) in 2016
  • Book is published on the ESD experts in schools in RCE Iskandar
  • One of the flagship projects (IMELC) is recognized at national level
  • More people are aware of ESD and LCS over the years

Awarded silver medal from ITEX 2017 (Photo source: RCE Iskandar)

Awarded bronze medal from Pecipta 2017 (Photo source: RCE Iskandar)

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Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Siong
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Boyd Dionysius Joeman
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Low Carbon Asia Research Centre,
Faculty of Build Environment,
University Teknologi Malaysia, 81310
Skudai, Johor, Malaysia