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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
November, 2005
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RCE Jordan was one of the first RCEs acknowledged globally. The RCE’s vision is to help those in their region to achieve an improved quality of life through ESD, by developing, promoting and integrating the concepts, tools and mechanisms of ESD in all relevant sectors in Jordan.About 30 per cent of Jordan’s population lives at or below the national poverty line. A major challenge in the country is the creation of employment for young adults. Gender based discrimination and domestic violence have also been identified as significant problems by the Jordan Human Development Report. Only 2.6 per cent of Jordan’s land is arable, and the rest is mostly desert. The depletion of freshwater resources is a major environmental challenge, especially in urban areas which have an outdated water delivery system.

Goals and Objectives:
In the long term RCE Jordan aims to serve as an example of good practice to other countries in the Middle East with similar cultural and environmental backgrounds. The short term goals of the RCE are to:
  • Establish a network and resource centre of and for organisations concerned with ESD in Jordan;
  • Raise awareness for and utilise existing knowledge and resources on SD;
  • Identify and promote examples of good practices in ESD;
  • Enhance and strengthen, evolve and co-create a space for communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing among all stakeholders involved in ESD;
  • Work as a catalyst for curricula development toward SD and related activities;
  • Facilitate research;
  • Facilitate dialogue to translate SD into a regional cultural context;
  • Facilitate the development of teaching modules and materials for ESD; and
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary thinking and education.
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Raed Nimri, Coordinator - RCE Jordan
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