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RCE Munich

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January, 2007
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RCE Munich helps local citizens, industry leaders, public organizations and community groups build a more sustainable society for the future by raising awareness of the importance of sustainability as a principle in everyday life. In addition to fostering public awareness at economic and political levels, RCE Munich also works to incorporate sustainability objectives in the fields of education and training, as well as encouraging citizens through education and behaviour change to adopt sustainability approaches in their daily lives. 

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The partnership of companies, institutions and individuals who make up RCE Munich are focused on a variety of activities, including those that help promote education for sustainable development (ESD) locally and expand ESD networks internationally. Their activities include projects aimed at:

  • Promoting sustainable business development by raising awareness about social responsibility in the framework of economics and the environment
  • Training qualified education professionals on sustainable development and education for sustainable development
  • Raising public awareness around sustainable development, through events, lectures and other learning opportunities
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Anna Mirei Neumaier
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