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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2015
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Tasmania is located in the island state of Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania has a rich cultural and natural heritage with up to 45% of Tasmania’s environment protected. But Tasmania faces sustainability challenges associated with its remoteness. Tasmania has the most regional and dispersed population in the country; a weaker economy, historically relying on extraction activities (e.g. whaling, old growth forest logging, hydro-electric dams and mining); and high levels of socioeconomic disadvantage.

In this context, RCE Tasmania aims to bring together the strengths of organisations and people currently working towards addressing the challenges linked to environmental, economic and sociocultural sustainability. There is excellent work taking place in pockets around Tasmania which RCE Tasmania aims to identify, link and leverage, using education as a central tool.

Goals and Objectives:

Our network of organisations and individuals is working towards social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, using education as a central tool, through the following aims:

1. To facilitate collaboration on Education for Sustainability initiatives.

2. To build capacity of organisations to sustain a process of change to support and improve Education for Sustainability initiatives.

3. To promote and endorse Tasmanian Education for Sustainability projects and Tasmania’s contribution in global learning for Education for Sustainability.

4. To advocate for education as a tool to help more people develop the skills and capacity needed to protect the planet and ensure social and cultural prosperity for all.

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Sustainable Living Tasmania

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: Sustainable Living Tasmania
Role: Secretariat Services
Contact name: Todd Houstein
Contact email: Todd@slt.org.au

Name of organisation: University of Tasmania
Role: Key Advisor and Financial Support
Contact name: Corey Peterson
Contact email: Corey.peterson@utas.edu.au

Name of organisation: Department of Education, Tasmanian Government
Role: Key Advisor and Financial Support
Contact name: Peter Wright
Contact email: peter.wright@education.tas.gov.au

Name of organisation: Greening Australia
Role: Key Advisor
Contact name: Nel Smit
Contact email: NSmit@greeningaustralia.org.au 

Name of organisation: A Fairer World
Role: Key Advisor
Contact name: Helen Hortle
Contact email: admin@afairerworld.org.au 

Name of organisation: Early Years Group
Role: Key Advisor
Contact name: Sherridan Emery
Contact email: sherridan.emery@gmail.com

Name of organisation: Launceston Church Grammar School
Role: Key Advisor
Contact name: Ben Clark
Contact email: BClark@lcgs.tas.edu.au

Current Activities:
  • Climate Leaders Project with Youth Coordinator
  • Local Steps Workshop to foster collaboration among existing members
  • Strategic Planning to enhance support for sustainability initiatives
  • Raising the profile of our network through presentations at conferences and events
Upcoming Activities:
  • Sustainability Skills Cafes in 2019. Building stronger communities through sharing sustainability skills in local venues; utilising local knowledge; and valuing local capabilities and priorities across Tasmania's regional centres. Leveraging from the diversity and strengths of the membership organisations and new partners
  • Enhancements for supporting sustainability initiatives. Review of membership services and opportunities for enhancement of support and collaborations
  • Endorsed 22 regional initiatives www.efs.tas.edu.au/category/all_endorsed_initiatives
  • Climate Leaders Conference 2018 – Youth leadership event across Tasmania
  • Green Gown Award for UTAS – Our key partner, UTAS, has received the Community Award in recognition of their involvement and support of Education for Sustainability Tasmania
  • International Internship 2018 – We hosted an intern from RCE Okayama for 5 weeks across our membership organisations
  • Don’t Mess with Burnie 2017 – School action-based learning event
  • Weaving Community Wellbeing 2017 – connecting community and schools through art
  • Community Conversation on Sustainable Tourism 2017 www.efs.tas.edu.au/sustainabletourism  
  • Local Steps Towards Global Goals state-wide workshops 2017 www.efs.tas.edu.au/localsteps
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Ruth Osborne, Facilitator, Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Secondary RCE Contact:
Todd Houstein
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RCE mailing address for correspondence:

c/o Sustainable Living Tasmania
Level 2, 71 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania. Australia 7004