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RCE Structure and Governance Survey: An Analysis of Results and Recommendations

When RCE Greater Portland formed its regional network in 2013, its coordinators wanted to know if there was an ideal governance structure that Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) on ESD had discovered.

With the current acknowledgement of 146 RCEs by the UNU-IAS around the world, there remains a paucity of research on whether a particular form of governance has been identified as most effective. When we asked our RCE colleagues how we should organize RCE Greater Portland, we frequently were told that the model depended on the needs of the community and the resources available and, therefore, RCE governance structures varied. These variations seemed like the perfect opportunity for research and analysis.


This survey was developed to collect information on the varying types of existing RCE governance and management models, for the benefit of self-reflection for existing RCEs and to help inform new RCEs on recommended practices. Using a Survey Monkey tool, RCE Greater Portland leaders, Kim Smith and Jamie Stamberger, designed questions that they found to be core considerations and obstacles to their own RCE development. Given that organizational structures and governance models vary, this survey explores whether there are particular systems, practices, and challenges that RCE leaders think new RCEs should consider to sustain their organizations and enhance engagement.

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