RCE West Sweden-2014

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Nordic RCE meeting
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RCE West Sweden
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The main idea behind this online meeting was to learn from each other to develop the RCE idea in our regions. During the discussions news about several interesting activities and meeting opportunities emerged. A short summary, in Swedish, can be found on our homepage, under the heading Nyheter. Among the things we discussed were:

Meeri Karvinen, RCE Espoo, presented a survey from the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network. http://nordicsustainablecampusnetwork.wordpress.com/

RCE Espoo is also engaged in an e-learning project.

RCE Denmark recently changed from a governmental project into a NGO and have eight groups working with different themes.

Kirsten Paaby, Stiftelsen Idebanken, Tove Holm, ESDAN and Novia University, Miraim Sannum, RCE West Sweden, are managing a Nordic project in adult education on ESD.




RCE West Sweden together with other partners applied for funding for a project “Learning 2 Sustain”. A good project, but it didn’t get any funding.

RCE Northern Sweden discussed ways forward. Organizational issues as well as content to focus on.

We discussed how we can market ESD and RCE in different contexts. For example, the context of Green growth and other projects. We are also aiming at writing articles on ESD and RCE, both in national and international journals.

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On Going
These online meetings will continue over the years.
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