RCE West Sweden-2014

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Permaculture design and local networks on sustainable foodproduction
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RCE West Sweden
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Åse Eliason Bjurström
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Welcome to Månsagården for an introductory day to permaculture farming.

On May 3, Michael Roquist, Vingland, came to Månsagården in Töve in Ulricehamn's municipality. Michael has as many years worked with crops under permaculture, for example in his work with the Green Rehabilitation and urban farming. The basics of permaculture design was presented and discussed as well as practical natural farming production. Learn more about permaculture at Michael’s website www.vingaland.nu/permakultur

The organizers of the course are interested in small-scale local food production and thinking about what can be grown on a plot which is about 3000m2. Our knowledge of the subject is low so therefore we will arrange a full-day course in which we are using Michael will teach us more.

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6. Project status
On Going
The initial day when we went in theory and practice introduced the concept of permaculture we started to see how we could benefit from a stronger local network. We have looked at other nodes in RCE West Sweden for new permaculture days. A small shop with locally produced food, in collaboration with existing networks is also planned.
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