RCE West Sweden-2014

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Drama + ESD - a serie of seminars
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Högskolan väst
Main Contact: 
Åse Eliason Bjurström
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In RCE West Sweden we want to focus on what emerges in the meetings between the partners and nodes in the network. Drama pedagogy is an example of pedagogy that is built upon the logic of emergence. That is why we are curious and eager to investigate the relationship between drama and ESD. During a period of one year there will be five seminars/workshops on five different parts of the region of RCE West Sweden. The themes for these seminars are: Social Change, Entrepreneurial Learning, Time and Place, Drama as Research Method in the field of Learning for Sustainable Development, Open (to what themes that emerges during the previous workshops).

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6. Project status
On Going
So far four of the five seminars has taken place and we can already tell that the experiences encourage us to continue this track. We will deepen and widen it as well as expand it to involve also other creative expressions
More information on the project can be found at http://dramalearningforsustainability.wordpress.com
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