RCE Youth in Japan Discuss Actions for Enhanced Collaboration

The 4th Japan RCE Youth Meeting was held online on 15 February, 2022, organised in conjunction with the Working Level Meeting of Japanese RCEs, and co-organised by the newly established Japan RCE Youth Executive Committee, RCE Omuta and UNU-IAS. Youth activities on ESD were discussed to enhance collaboration and networking amongst RCEs in Japan, under the topic 'My action, Our actions'. The event was divided into two sessions: (1) presentation of youth activities and (2) group discussion. 

During the first session, youth members from eight Japanese RCEs showcased their activities in their respective RCEs through an interactive presentation session. Presentations covered successful youth-led and youth-initiated collaborations with different stakeholders including student organisations, community members, local governments, and private institutions. Additionally, the presentations exhibited youth efforts utilising creative and innovative virtual tools, as well as how to bring back safe in-person events. One such presentation from RCE Omuta youth group, newly established in November 2021, presented their kick-off of work for ESD and the SDGs.  

In the second session, participants were divided into five youth groups and one working level discussion group. In the youth groups, the discussions were centred around the common social issues tackled in their activities and the mutual challenges faced, which provided a space for learning opportunities and networking for possible future collaborations. The working level group also spoke about future collaborations among and beyond the Japanese RCE community. 

Due to the newly established Japan RCE Youth Executive Committee, there were many familiar and new youth faces, resulting in a collaborative and interactive event. The meeting demonstrated the continuous youth efforts in each participant’s respective community and further highlighted the importance of ESD and the RCE community.