Avalon School Summer Camps

Avalon Sustainability School provides integral, high quality, innovative learning experiences for positive change in multicultural environments.We build bridges and pull down walls. Learning with young people from many different countries you’ll be able to appreciate diversity and different cultural traditions, as well as tolerance for others or views different to your own

The Growth of Trees – A Historical Perspective on Sustainability

How could alpine farmers in the Swiss village of Törbel survive over centuries in adverse conditions? Why did the Hohokam culture suddenly collapse after more than 1000 years? Looking back in history, did truly sustainable societies ever exist? 300 years ago Carl von Carlowitz the so called „father of the term sustainability” died. Why is it worthwhile to remember him today? Was the discovery of America, which gave us the sense and philosophy of a world without limits, perhaps not a blessing after all?


University Educators for Sustainable Development (UE4SD): STATE OF THE ART REPORT Mapping opportunities for developing Education for SD competences in the UE4SD partner countries

University Educators for Sustainable Development (UE4SD) is a 3 year European Commission project funded through the Lifelong Learning Programme. UE4SD seeks to improve professional development opportunities for university educators in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It supports the development of professional competences and academic leadership capabilities in ESD, to enable teaching staff to reorient curricula and prepare students for understanding and applying their professional and global responsibilities in sustainable development.

Exploring the Synergy between Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the Delivery of Quality Education in Finland

This report describes ESD and Quality Education in Finland. The main aim was to establish a common understanding of the study subject, thereby creating an interpretation frame of quality education and ESD based on structure – process- outcomes –orientation and quality education literature in Finland. After analyzing the data (answers to study questions) by this frame, the results of this study are presented in this report.

Invitation for Co-Operation

Please find enclosed our ‘Invitation for Cooperation’ of RCE’s on the continental level. An invitation we have been working on past month in order to pick up the constructive cooperation of RCEs in Europe now that the GAP is ready to take off and the Okayama Declaration has been published . In this phase, awaiting your ideas and proposals, this is no more than a well meant initiative to establish more togetherness of the RCE’s themselves. From thereon to further consider what the whole group wants to work on, propose, discuss, organize or not, plan, do.