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My Experience Visiting RCE Schools in Delhi, India



The story of 2014 YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet will not end without mentioning visit to two RCE schools in Delhi. For us the participants from RCE Minna, it is one among the few activities we will continue to remember from 2014 YUVA Meet. First, we visited Tagore International College, New Delhi. We were received with warm welcome from the students of the college who ushered us into the prestigious college that boost of fourty (40) years of existence.

Copernicus Alliance Conference 2014

Dear Colleagues,

may I attrack your attention to the next Copernicus Alliance Conference. As we agreed in Nairobi the european RCE try to meet in the frame of conference of common interests. The Copernicus Alliance is one of these occasions. So, please, register and meet members of other RCE and make friendship.

Best wishes


COPERNICUS Alliance Conference - REGISTRATION DEADLINE extended to 15th December 2013

COPERNICUS Alliance Conference

Child Welfare & Security - Case Study

Dear Colleagues,
I have had to suggest this topic for conference discussion,due to rising child death in
unstable families. As i will outline briefly, the most endangered child that stands to
loose life, is not one who is in streets as parking boy, or one who is in garbage damp site,
but is the one in unstable family. I will give few instances of few cases

'Nanny stabs 2 children to death' - New York, Jacqui Goddard - Miami - 27 Oct 2012.
Reason fro stabbing given as sense of identity syndrome.

International Seminar and Workshop on Sustainable Cities: The Role of Higher Education in Shaping Sustainable Future

RCE Yogyakarta will be hosting a special international seminar and workshop alongside the ProSPER.Net General Assembly and Board meetings, to be held from 4 to 6 July 2013 at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta. The seminar and workshop will provide a platform to gather a broad range of stakeholders from academia, government ministries, local government, international organizations, NGOs, community groups, and experts on sustainable cities. For more information, visit http://rce.lppm.ugm.ac.id/iswsc2013/