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11 ways young people have revolutionized the climate debate

'Young people are often the most passionate voices on climate change, and with reason – as the planet warms over the coming century, it is the future of the youngest at stake. As such, it is often youth that are the loudest and the most ambitious in calling for action, proving to be anything from serious combatants to potential allies to the politicians in charge. But do their pickets and their pleas actually achieve anything?' Check out the link below: Best Regards, HAMISI MKUZI for RCE-Greater Pwani

Waste as a Resource: an Excerpt from European Environment Agency

In line with the earlier promise I made in my last post on e-waste to share knowledge of Waste-Wealth initiatives. Here is an important note for EEA.

What if we could use waste as a resource and thereby scale down the demand for extraction of new resources? Extracting fewer materials and using existing resources would help avert some of the impacts created along the chain. In this context, unused waste also represents a potential loss.