Project Reports

RCE Greater Dhaka organizes biodiversity-related student activities

RCE Greater Dhaka organized a field trip on biodiversity on 28th Nov, 2015. The trip organized by the Department of Environmental Science was led by Prof. Rahman and Dr Dastagir for 150 students currently enrolled in sustainability related courses at the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT). This initiative was part of the planned semester activity of the students. The National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh with an area of approximately 84 hectares is located at Mirpur in Dhaka. Established in 1961, it is the largest botanical garden in Bangladesh.


Stories of Change from the EcoChallenge 2015

EcoChallenge 2015 just wrapped up with over 4,300 people proving that small actions add up to real change! The commitment of people and their communities have been impressive to see over the course of the past two weeks. EcoChallengers have made a real difference. Taking the time to try on new habits and making a difference in a community is no small thing.

United States

Cycle Logistics - an example of a successful business model tackling climate change by Jos Hermans

The European Union is finally officially acknowledging the importance of cycling as a climate-friendly means of transport (see EU Declaration of Cycling as a means of climate-friendly transport). The Declaration's action plans invites local, regional and national focal points on cycling as a means of transport.

Professional and Graduate Capability Framework: assessment of interpersonal and cognitive abilities

This document gives a good overview of the Graduate Capability Framework endorsed by Global L&T leaders that have been involved in Geoff Scott’s OLT National Teaching Fellowship.

This is a professional capability framework that has been validated in studies of successful graduates in nine professions along with studies of educational leaders in schools, VET and Higher Education. It distinguishes between capabilities and competencies.

Exploring the Synergy between Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the Delivery of Quality Education in Finland

This report describes ESD and Quality Education in Finland. The main aim was to establish a common understanding of the study subject, thereby creating an interpretation frame of quality education and ESD based on structure – process- outcomes –orientation and quality education literature in Finland. After analyzing the data (answers to study questions) by this frame, the results of this study are presented in this report.

My Experience Visiting RCE Schools in Delhi, India



The story of 2014 YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet will not end without mentioning visit to two RCE schools in Delhi. For us the participants from RCE Minna, it is one among the few activities we will continue to remember from 2014 YUVA Meet. First, we visited Tagore International College, New Delhi. We were received with warm welcome from the students of the college who ushered us into the prestigious college that boost of fourty (40) years of existence.