Webinar: 'Youth and Sustainability in COVID-19 Era' to Mark International Youth Day 2020

To mark 'International Youth Day 2020' (IYD), RCE Greater Western Sydney and RCE Srinagar will hold a webinar on Wednesday 12th August, 2020.

Young people are powerful agents of change and progress when they are educated and empowered to participate in decision-making. Yet around the world, too many youths are being left behind.

IYD is both an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in promoting human rights and development, but also an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships facing the world’s youth.

Webinar: 'Indigenous People in COVID-19 Era' to Mark International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

To mark the 'International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples' (9 August, 2020), RCE East Kalimantan and RCE Srinagar will hold a webinar the following day on Monday 10th August, 2020.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to a large number of Indigenous communities – these communities are present in many RCEs, while several RCEs have also been working with them on a number of issues. This webinar is a chance to share activities, experiences, and the challenges that Indigenous communities are faced with, as well as any COVID-19 impacts if relevant.

RCEs in Greater Burlington and Puerto Rico Collaborate on Sustainable Food Systems Research Project

What bolsters the resilience of smaller farms to sustain themselves during times of economic, geo-climatic and socio-political unrest? This question is at the heart of a new collaborative study currently being undertaken by members of RCE Greater Burlington and RCE Puerto Rico that focuses on identifying essential elements of sustainable food systems. The members are conducting research in the dual geographies of Vermont and Puerto Rico and examining how humans interact with each other and integrate with the non-human world in the production and distribution of food.


RCE Central Semenanjung Translates SDGs into Action for a Sustainable Campus & Community

Since 2015, RCE Central Semenanjung (RCE CS) Malaysia through its secretariat - University Malaya (UM) Community & Sustainability Centre or well-known as 'UMCares' has organised a competition for in-house university students named the 'UMCares Competition'. This year, UMCares along with the strategic partnership of UM Sustainability & Living Labs Secretariat (UMSLLS) have redesigned the competition with the aim to enhance and showcase eco-campus and community initiatives at the UM residential colleges level.


New Publication from UNESCO Bangkok & UNU-IAS Presents Innovative Multi-Stakeholder Approaches at the Local Level by RCEs in the Asia-Pacific Region

A new publication recently launched from UNESCO Bangkok and UNU-IAS, 'Multi-stakeholder Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development in Local Communities: Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia', presents a collection of case studies from RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region, demonstrating innovative approaches to ESD through multi-stakeholder partnerships at the local level.


UK and Ireland RCEs Online Forum Considers Role of RCEs Within and Beyond COVID-19

Steering Committee members from six RCEs (from the UK and Ireland) came together on 30 June, 2020 to consider the role of RCEs within and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of this online forum was to provide solidarity and support, to share challenges and opportunities associated with the pandemic and to further consider the collaborations across UKI RCEs to be prioritised in the coming year in light of emerging or emergent opportunities and challenges. Dr. Philip Vaughter from UNU-IAS gave the keynote speech, and the event was chaired by Charlotte Holland, RCE Dublin.


Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) Special Event: Where Next? Redesigning Further Education For The Future

UNU-IAS will co-organise one of six Special Events at HLPF 2020, as part of the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI). In collaboration with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and other HESI members, the event will provide insights on how COVID-19 will affect the education sector and what new ideas are being considered that can enable higher education to support radical change and regeneration.