JOIN NOW! the 9th Global RCE Conference African Discussion Group

More than 60 delegates from 17 acknowledged RCEs and four candidate RCEs attended the African continental discussion at the 8th Global RCE Conference in Nairobi. The discussion forum provided the delegates with an opportunity to share their achievements and challenges with a view to consolidate collaborative efforts in ESD research and capacity development. Highlights for 2013 included an increased visibility of African RCEs and improved interactions with policy makers.

My Experience with RCE-Greater Pwani

Hello everyone!

Would like to express my sincere thanks to the Global RCE and more so the United Nations University for having awarded me travel support to attend YUVA MEET 2014 in New Delhi. It was a good opportunity for me as I met and made new friend as well as learning some new stuff specifically the skill of being confident during presentation.

My Experience Visiting RCE Schools in Delhi, India



The story of 2014 YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet will not end without mentioning visit to two RCE schools in Delhi. For us the participants from RCE Minna, it is one among the few activities we will continue to remember from 2014 YUVA Meet. First, we visited Tagore International College, New Delhi. We were received with warm welcome from the students of the college who ushered us into the prestigious college that boost of fourty (40) years of existence.

Potential Ideas for RCE Youth Involvement in Climate Change Discussions

Some aspects of climate change may already be irreversible. I believe that by taking positive action now, it is possible to slow the pace of climate change and reduce further global warming. Changing our lifestyle and our behaviour will help reduce the impact caused by human on the environment.
Anyone can make a difference to climate change. Below are my suggestions for a more sustainable approach to living in our environment, while focusing on climate change:-

Reduce car emissions

YUVA Meet 2014 and RCE Youth Session, Delhi

On behalf of the Global RCE Service Centre and RCE Delhi, we are pleased to inform you that their annual youth initiative ‘Youth Unite for Voluntary Action 2014’ (YUVA Meet 2014) will be held from 3-4 February 2014 in Delhi, India as part of Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS: YUVA Meet aims at enabling youth to voice their opinions on a variety of sustainability issues and this year’s YUVA Meet will focus on the theme of “Innovation for a Sustainable Future – Transforming Learning into Action”.

New Project Document for SVS

Dear friends and colleagues, Thank you all for the positive and valuable comments on the project idea SVS. I am happy to work with you all! Special thanks go to Abdesh for providing us with the link to CEE, and also to Detlev for his Leonoardo-application which may serve as a guide for us. Welcome to Niels who may help us linking with RCE Kakamega. I shall be reading your documents with great interest the upcoming days. Please find enclosed the updated project file on SVS (7 December) with quite some adaptations when compared with the last one.

Guiding Principles for the RCE Community

In an effort to step up the contributions of the global RCE network beyond the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (DESD), and in order to strengthen its capacities towards implementing the priorities of the Global Action Programme on ESD, it behooves the global RCE community to protect its integrity and promote quality of practice consistent with the principles of good governance. This community has been created in order to allow all RCE members to examine and discuss guiding principles for the RCE community.

JOIN NOW! 8th Global RCE Conference Cross-Continental Discussion Group

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Cross-continental/Inter-RCE Collaboration session at the 8th Global RCE Conference. At the conclusion of the session, we should come up with several action points that we would like to report to the plenary session. Please share your thoughts below!

Facilitators: Mario Tabucanon & Ranjana Saikia (RCE Delhi)