Two key questions for the continental discussion session

Dear members of Asia-Pacific RCEs,

Please feel free to share your idea and opinions in regard to the following two questions. Make sure to introduce yourself to all (especially for new RCE members) which RCE you are from when you make comments. Thank you and look forward to your active participation!!

1) What are the key issues/challenges facing RCEs currently in the aspect of the Asia-Pacific region?

2) What are the top three things the group feels need to be discussed in persons at the 7th Global RCE Conference?

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Dear colleagues and friends,

Warm greetings from the RCE Global Service Centre!

We are starting preparations for the RCE Global Conference operational session on Communications and Outreach. We have made some significant progress since our last meeting in Kerkrade, and several of you have joined the Communications Working Group that was set up to help move last year's action points along. It has been a pleasure working with you on these efforts!