Early Childhood Education

Sustainability Tracking, Action and Reporting in Schools (STARs) - A Project by RCE Goa

by Shabana Kazi, RCE Goa-Coordinator & Associate Fellow, TERI, Goa, India

Photos: courtesy by RCE Goa

STARs is a project run by RCE Goa that works with 10 schools in the region with the core goal of improving resource efficiency. The schools also engage with the surrounding communities initiating various socio-environmental campaigns about important socio- cultural issues.


RCE Minna 2015 Independence Day Debate Championship

RCE Minna brought together young school children to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary. The programme was organised in collaboration with the African Center for Extra-Curricular Research and Development (ACERAD) and the Young People for Africa Development (YPAD). The event was held at the Abdulsalam Youth Center Minna, Nigeria on 1st October, 2015.


UNICEF report: The Investment Case for Education and Equity

Education is in crisis worldwide. Millions of children, especially the most marginalized, are excluded from school. Many millions more attend school, but they do not learn basic reading and math skills. In addition, international funding for education is on the decline. The Investment Case for Education and Equity explains the global education crisis and outlines solutions. It calls for an increase in funding for education and investments that are more equitable and efficient.