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World Environmental Day

Hello everyone!

On behalf of RCE-Greater Pwani (Kenya), I would like to wish all RCE members very best wishes as we join individual efforts in marking the World Environmental Day. We at Pwani, have welcomed this special event, set for 5th June, by hosting a pre-WED where local schools and the community were invited for a tree planting session.

I call for all RCE members to have an input on this special event (WED). Apart from creating awareness, we may also choose to reach out to the community in our regions to educated them on environmental sustainablity issues.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you as it regards the World Environmental Day.

Thank you.

RCE-Greater Pwani


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This years WED was a success, thanks for the update
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Dear Victor, thank you a lot. I really enjoyed beibg part of both the pre-WED and the Real WED itself. I look forward to advance the tree planting campaign beyond June 5th. Thank yiu. HAMISI MKUZI for RCE-Greater Pwani (Kenya)
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Great efforts,

I do appreciate tree planting program but I also request you all to maintain safe distance, and planing right plant at right place according to their habit and habitats. Otherwise this program will never be successful


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Very true Muhammed. We actually do the planting with lots of care. We at RCE-Pwani we do practise conservation alondside research program through a project that we started and still developing -Botanical Garden. The tree planting we just had was a well planned and if I'd say, one of its kind. we planted different kind of trees and involved different kind of people. Hamisi for RCE-Pwani
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@Mohammed, you may have a look at this. The document contains a timeline of what we had during WED. Thank you. HAMISI MKUZI for RCE-GREATER PWANI (KENYA)