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The role of the youth is of critical importance for young people are the most important building blocks of any society. They are an important source of creativity, enthusiasm, and are drivers of social change. A just and an environmentally conscious society can be created only if the youth of every society are empowered with sufficient knowledge, enabling skills, and appropriate attitude and values. It is wise to enable young people to comprehend their relationship with the environment and make concerted efforts to conserve it.

Youth voice should be present in all aspects of our work. Young people are promoting ideas, vocalizing their goals, organizing community groups, engaging in political discussions, reclaiming identities, creating identities, connecting with others, and taking over these networks full force as their own personal environments.

Youth know more about themselves than anyone else will ever know and their unique perspective makes them valuable partners in efforts to improve foster care outcomes. When youth are successfully engaged, whether at the individual case level or the administrative level, everyone benefits. For any fruitful sustainable development in he near future, it is imperative for this generation to invest on youth just like a parent would invest in their children.

For the youth to be prepared to work in partnership with adults, they need to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Leadership training prepares youth to manage time, work as a team, set goals, start conversations, facilitate meetings, and make effective presentations. To fully participate with adults, youth also need to be fully engaged in decision-making processes and be informed about the adult perspective of the problem, challenge, or issue being discussed: the jargon that adults use to describe their work; and strategies for approaching the work. In other words, we need to be sure the field is level for all of the players.

Young people and adults can work together so as to solve the puzzles in real problems and address real issues. Youth-Adult Partnerships give both parties equal opportunities to contribute, make decisions, use their skills, and learn from each other. The key to Youth-Adult Partnerships is mutuality and it is through these events such as conference, workshops, etc that provide the platform for mutuality.

The world my be one large house, very challenging to navigate but at least the international events can bring people together despite their races.

Thank you!

Hamisi Tsama Mkuzi
RCE-Greater Pwani {KENYA}


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Excellent Hamisi !! it is really important to have strong platforms for mutual engagement. Hope others also will join and express their views.
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Thank you Unni. I believe that the youth have a lot to share but it is the fear in them that's making them to mute. I will be happy if other youth would follow my path and share their opinions for a better tomorrow.
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Nice one Hamisi, hopefully, youth are going to be at the center stage in navigating what comes in and what goes out in all our nationally decision making processes. Youth all over the world hold the key to how to unluck the greatness of the future we want. Remember, the digital age could only be run by we and our next generation, by giving us a voice its like sustaining and shaping the future we want for all to live, eat, work and prosper.

Thank You,

Usman is From RCE-Kano
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Compliments for this very good introduction Hamisi. What I would like to add on behalf of RCE Rhine-Meuse at this moment is that we try to bring nearer mutuality through joint learning of youngsters and adults. We choose to have meeting, congress, etc. only as a secondary, supporting, activity. What we discovered and proved so far is that youngsters' abilities to 'see, check and discover' are still much better developed than with the average adult. Their scope is still broad. What we would seek for now in this stage within the RCE-community are RCEs that choose a likewise approach (cooperative inquiry based learning of young and older). From thereon we would be very happy to construct and lead an inner-RCE movement in this field.
Very best regards to you all, Jos
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Well said Mr. Usman Muhammed. The energy that youth have shouldn't be put into waste rather be utilized through youth empowerment. It is with set foundation that the youth are going to take up the rest of the work. We surely need to voice our opinions without looking back.

Hamisi for RCE-Greater Pwani
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Thank so much Mr. Jos Eussen! Mutualism in the said learning process will be a great innitiative to adapt that many development-minded youth or even the elderly would welcome. I would like to emphasis on the Youngster-Adult relationship. It is through this link that we shall bring positive sustainable change in the coming days and years. Education is a very powerful tool for any achievement process and it is through the joint coorporation of the respective RCEs that we going to meet our objectives as a NETWORK. On behalf of RCE-Greater Pwani, regards to RCE-Rhine-Meuse. Hamisi Mkuzi for RCE-Greater Pwani
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I look forward to seeing and hearing the great ideas from our youth as we work together to prepare for this unique conference and work together
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Hello Benko, Thank you for your comment. It feels good working as a team, not excluding the youth. Young minds do have many innovative ideas which do rot in their own hands and posibly brains. Showing support and encouragement to the youth is the best solution we could ever embrace for the betterment of the future generations. Expect more of encouraging presentations and contributions from the youth during the conference as we mark the end of ESD Decade. Best regards, HAMISI MKUZI for RCE-Greater Pwani (Kenya)
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Thank you Hamisi for the excellent post - bringing up both the role of youth as individuals and the dynamics between youth and adults. There is today a very very thin line seperating what we term as youth and adults. In fact there is a lot of mutual learning that can take place between them. Youth undoubtedly, bring in a freshness to perspectives and can be very innovative in their thinking and actions. They should be encouraged and provided a platform to take forward their ideas to achieve their goals. We the RCE community have over the years shown our strength in this and have created opportunities for the young minds through various programs and projects and we should continue doing this.