11th Americas Regional Meeting

11th Americas Regional Meeting

3-5 October, 2022, Salisbury, Maryland, USA, hosted by RCE Salisbury

(Photo credit: Dr. Heather McCarty)

The 11th Americas RCE Regional Meeting was held in Salisbury, Maryland (USA) from 3-5 October, 2022, under the theme 'Now, More than Ever! The RCE Network as a Peace Leader!'.

The Americas RCE Regional Meeting provided a regional platform to discuss, debate and launch activities that reinforce the fundamental role that education plays in achieving a sustainable future in the region.

The meeting also took stock of regional initiatives, including the role of ESD in implementing sustainable development on the ground in the Americas region. RCE Salisbury, housed by the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution, hosted this event.

The Global RCE Service Centre would like to thank the team at RCE Salisbury for their wonderful contributions and efforts organising a successful 11th Americas Regional Meeting, and to all participants for their active participation and contributions.




Date/Time: 3-5 October, 2022

Location: Salisbury, Maryland, USA

Programme: Final programme


Host RCE: RCE Salisbury (blfoutz@salisbury.edu)


4 OCTOBER, 2022

Presentation Presenter/s
Welcome from RCE Salisbury Dr. Brittany Foutz, Dr. Brian Polkinghorn and Nathaniel Polkinghorn (RCE Salisbury)
Welcome from Salisbury Mayor Jake Day
Dr. Carolyn Lepre (Salisbury University)
Remarks from where RCE Salisbury is housed - the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution Board Member Dave Buchanan
Message from Salisbury University President Dr. Carolyn Lepre (Salisbury University)
RCE Update Philip Vaughter (UNU-IAS)
Collaboration in the Americas to Create Whole Region Approaches to Sustainable Development Roger Petry (RCE Advisor to the Americas)
Remarks from Ministry of the Environment, Japan Mr. Keisuke Midori (Section Chief, Ministry’s Secretariat, Office of Environmental Education, Ministry of the Environment of Japan)
Steering Committee Review of Governance Diego Adamson (RCE Cuenca del Plata)
RCE Americas Youth Appointed Fellowship Roger Petry (RCE Advisor to the Americas)
Oriana Silva, Aditya Desai, Hannah Garthwaite, Bhargavi Jeyarajah, Audrey Rader, Jacob Goodman, Timothy Westcott (RCE Americas Youth Network Ambassadors)
Teaching the SDGs through Experiential Learning Jennifer Hirsch and Kristina Chatfield (RCE Greater Atlanta)
Cross Pollination: Sharing Ideas and Information Across Institutions Aditya G. Desai and Audrey Anne Rader (RCE Greater Atlanta)
Bucksport, SC Sustainability Assessment Pamela Martin (RCE Georgetown)
North Texas Food Policy Alliance and Sustainable Cities and Communities Meghna Tare (RCE North Texas)
1st Annual Student Sustainability Summit Heather Korzun and Steve Grande (RCE Shenandoah Valley)
RCE Americas Steering Committee RCE Americas Steering Committee

5 OCTOBER, 2022

Presentation Presenter/s
Opening Remarks Dr. Maarten Pereboom and Chrys Egan (Fulton School of Liberal Arts), Dean Pereboom
New RCE Introduction Joshua Cooper (RCE Hawaii)
Communications Support Committee Diego Adamson, Maira Ruggi, Ilan Bass, Oriana Silva, Brittany Foutz, Cinzia Lombardo, Julian Ramirez
Planet Task Force Update and Call to Action Brandon Morton
People Task Force Update Kristina Chatfield (RCE Atlanta) and Task Force Members
Sustainable Cities and Prosperity Task Force Update Meghna Tare (RCE North Texas)
Education and Well-Being Task Force Update Brittany Foutz (RCE Salisbury)
A View of the Ukraine War You Haven’t Heard Before Dr. Brian Polkinghorn (RCE Salisbury), Mitzi Perdue (MPA, F.ISRM, Anti-Trafficking Advocate, Award-Winning Author of MARK VICTOR HANSEN, RELENTLESS)
Cooperation in the Field Ambassador Robert Becker
Best Afghan Girls: Empowering Girls with 21st Century Skills Roderic Brame (CEO, R2B2 STEM Author of “Mighty Titans”; CEO, The Liberty Coalition; COB, Rosebud Continuum for Sustainability)
Toolkits for Community Empowerment Ros Wade (RCE London), Roger Petry (RCE Saskatchewan)
Toward Transformative Education Using an Ecowomanist Approach for Regenerative Development Dr. Christina Hylton (RCE Greater Atlanta)
Update on Collaboration Education, and Biodiversity Projects Dr. Patricia Charvet (RCE Curitiba Paraná)
Moananuiakea Born to Build Movement of Education for Sustainable Development & Empowerment for A Future of Hope and Determination Joshua Cooper (RCE Hawaii)

*These materials have been prepared by the presenter/s listed beside each item. Its contents and features are the sole responsibility of the authors. For questions and comments please contact the authors.

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