11th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

11th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2018

25-27 September, 2018, Parramatta (Sydney), Australia

The 11th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting was held in Parramatta, Australia from 25th September, 2018 in conjunction with the Symposium on ‘Mainstreaming the SDGs: Education and Impact’ on 26th September, 2018, followed by a field trip on 27th September, 2018. All events were hosted by RCE Greater Western Sydney (RCE-GWS) and Western Sydney University with the support of the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), including the first Asia-Pacific Youth Virtual Summit held on 24th September, 'Youth for the Goals: Climate Action and Life Below Water' as part of the first Youth SDG Asia-Pacific Challenge 2018.

A total of 91 delegates from Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCEs) across Asia-Pacific gathered in the Greater Western Sydney region, one of the most multicultural locations in Australia, for this meeting under the theme ‘Mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Education and Impact’. The meeting aimed to strengthen inter-RCE collaboration and showcase successful cases in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in relation to mainstreaming the SDGs for education and impact. Participants in attendance included 10 participants from developing countries such as India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as 43 women from across the region. Other participants came from the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, and New Zealand.

Participants were briefed on the GAP assessment and the need to refocus on SDGs as the overall framework for ESD for future interventions. Attendees also participated actively in the discussion by presenting successful cases on SDG implementation at the local level, with the presentations across sessions demonstrating that RCEs are working towards the implementation of all SDGs.

Breakout group discussions were conducted on the areas of 'Community', 'Schools and Youth', and 'Higher Education', whilst participants also benefitted from capacity building workshops on partnerships and strategies for collaboration. A capacity-building initiative on biodiversity and ecosystem services was also conducted, which provided RCE stakeholders with insights into the IPBES process as well as the exploration of potential collaborative RCE actions for IPBES. 

The last day included field trips led by RCE Greater Western Sydney in collaboration with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Climate and Culture Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University, and Brewongle Environmental Education Centre. Participants were given the opportunity to explore the existing city hub consisting of education, business events and live and work facilities, a walking tour consisting of sustainable urban development sites and wetlands, as well as an Aboriginal cultural talk.

The Global RCE Service Centre wishes to thank the team at RCE Greater Western Sydney for their wonderful support and efforts in making this event a success.

Outcomes from the meeting are below, and a full recap of the meeting is available here.

The final report can be downloaded here.

View highlights from the meeting here (video by Vinewood Studios).  

The meeting website can be found here: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/2018_ap_rce_meeting

Photos taken by UNU-IAS (above), Brittany Hardiman and Steve Body (below left), and Josh Newman (Vinewood Studios) (below middle and right).


Asia-Pacific RCE Regional Meeting & Symposium Programme



DAY 1: 25 SEPTEMBER, 2018

Presentation Presenter/s
Introductory Session: Review of the 10th AP RCE Meeting Ms. Monmi Barua, RCE Delhi
Asia-Pacific Post-GAP Updates Ms. Ushio Miura, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Bangkok
Progress of the Global RCE Network 2017-2018 Professor Mario Tabucanon, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, UNU-IAS


Lightning Presentations - RCE Flagship Initiative Updates

Presentation Presenter/s
Lightning Presentation - RCE Greater Sendai RCE Greater Sendai
Virtual International Competition on Upcycling of Waste to Improve Spaces or Facilities in Schools RCE Central Semenanjung
Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Shoreline Ecosystems of Iskandar Malaysia (PESISIR) RCE Iskandar
Climate Learning for Just Transitions RCE Waikato
Bioregion / Watershed ESD Model for SDGs RCE Chubu
Koala Education and Community Awareness RCE Greater Western Sydney
Lightning Presentation - RCE Hyogo-Kobe RCE Hyogo-Kobe
Growing Ties with RCEs in Korea RCE Kitakyushu
Lightning Presentation - RCE Mumbai / RCE Delhi RCE Mumbai / RCE Delhi
Lightning Presentation - RCE Okayama RCE Okayama
Learning & Sharing for Sustainable Future RCE Tongyeong
Together with Community, Promoting Changes towards Sustainable Development through Education RCE Yogyakarta
Lightning Presentation - RCE Tasmania RCE Tasmania


DAY 2: 26 SEPTEMBER, 2018

Presentation Presenter/s
Transforming Australia: SDG Progress Report Professor Rod Glover, Deputy Director - Enterprise, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Australia-Pacific Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), Monash University
Panel Presentation Ms Danielle Wolf, SDSN Student, Western Sydney University
Panel Presentation - Nature: What's in It for Me? Mr Michael Vyse, National Program Leader, Nature in Cities, Greening Australia
Panel Presentation Mr Mike Bartlett, Senior Manager, Education & Visitor Programs, Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Panel Presentation - Open Innovation: Enabling the Global Classroom Mr Damien Feneley, Principal Grose View Public School, NSW Public Schools, RCE Greater Western Sydney


Parallel Case Study Sessions - Mainstreaming the SDGs: Education and Impact

Presentation Presenter/s

Be Able: Venturing Beyond Disabilities

Dr. Nasrul Anuar Abd Razak, RCE Central Semenanjung

“Machinaka no Furusato Kyoiku” Education of Hometown in Urban Area 

Ms. Miki Konishi, RCE Okayama

Youth Problem Solving Project ‘Bridge to the World’

Ms. Unji Lee, RCE Tongyeong
Development of Knowledge Brokering Module for Empowering Higher Education Leadership in ESD Prof. Munirah Ghazali, RCE Penang
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Preparedness Encompassing Wellbeing of All, Everywhere, All the Time Dr Adbhesh Gangwar, RCE Srinagar
Reconnecting Disaffected Young People to School and Community at Mt Druitt Learning Ground Dr. Brenda Dobia, Western Sydney University (School of Education)
Higher Education For Sustainable Development: Actioning the Global Goals In Policy, Curriculum and Impact Dr. Isabel Franco, UNU-IAS
Community Education Network Involving Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre, Permaculture and Multiple Stakeholders Mr. Eric Brocken, RCE Greater Western Sydney (Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre)


Presentation Presenter/s

Healthy Body and a Healthy and Alert Mind (“Lusog-Busog-Talino”): A Case Study in Nutrition Education

Dr. Huberto Zanoria, RCE Cebu

New Zealand India Sustainability Challenge (#NZISC)

Ms. Monmi Barua, RCE Mumbai

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Facilitated by Smart Computing and Emerging Opportunities

Prof. Athula Ginige, Western Sydney University (School of Computing, Engineering and Maths)
Implementation of the SDGs at Local Level: Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Shoreline Ecosystems of Iskandar Malaysia (PESISIR) Ms. Sharifah Shahidah Syed Ahmad, RCE Iskandar
Responsible Cafés: Volunteers and Local Government Working Together Mr. Justin Murphy and Ms. Jocelyn Howden, RCE Greater Western Sydney (Hawkesbury City Council and Hawkesbury Environment Network)


Presentation Presenter/s

Empowering Youth In Education For Sustainability through Connection, Creativity and Action: Working Meaningfully with Local Champions and Place

Ms. Leah Page, RCE Tasmania

Water Exploration and Conservation with Renewable Energy to Accomplish Sustainable Water Supply

Dr. Nanung Fitriyanto, RCE Yogyakarta

Making Parramatta River Swimmable Again by 2025

Ms. Sarah Cliff, RCE Greater Western Sydney (Parramatta River Catchment Group)
Cooling the City Mr. Andrew Hewson, RCE Greater Western Sydney (Penrith City Council)
Emerging Contaminants in Australian Waters Dr. Jason Reynolds, Western Sydney University (School of Science and Health)

Education to Create Links: A Case Study of the Waterschool China Programme

Ms. Lu Wan (RCE Greater Shangri-La)
Mainstreaming Climate Change into Education, Research and Training for Education for Sustainable Development in Jammu Region: Challenges and Perspectives Dr. Hari Dutt, RCE Jammu


Parallel Workshop Sessions 

Presentation Presenter/s

Workshop on IPBES: Contributions of the Asia-Pacific RCE Community

Professor Peter Bridgewater, University of Canberra and Professor Mario Tabucanon, UNU-IAS
Partnership Pedagogies for ESD: Inter-RCE Collaborations Dr Jenny Pizzica, Western Sydney University


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Photos from the meeting have been uploaded on Facebook here.