4th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

The 2011 Regional Asia-Pacific RCE meeting took place in Cha-am, Thailand from 2-4 November.

The meeting was hosted by RCE Cha-am and co-organised by UNU-IAS. More than 40 participants from 17 RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region attended the meeting, which proved to be an invaluable opportunity for participants to discuss how they can work together to develop and strengthen their capacity to build a sustainable future in the region. 
Please find the full agenda for the meeting here. For the full presentations from each session, please click on the links below.
Session 1: Opening (Full Presentation)
Session 2: Current Status Asia Pacific RCEs Network
RCE Beijing (Full Presentation)
RCE Bohol (Full Presentation)
RCE Cha-am (Full Presentation)
RCE Chubu (Full Presentation)
RCE Delhi (Full Presentation)
RCE East Kalimantan (Full Presentation)
RCE Greater Phnom Penh (Full Presentation)
RCE Greater Sendai (Full Presentation)
RCE Guwahiti (Full Presentation)
RCE Kitakyushu (Full Presentation)
RCE Okayama (Full Presentation)
RCE Southern Vietnam (Full Presentation)
RCE Tongyeong (Full Presentation)

Session 3: Thematic Group Discussions

Biodiversity (Full Presentation)
Community (Full Presentation)
Session 4: Disaster Resilience and ESD (Full Presentation)
Session 5: Monitoring and Evaluation of ESD Implementation in the Asia-Pacific Region (Full Presentation)
Session 6: Role of AP Continental Network and Operational Issues Discussion
Points of Discussion (Full Presentation)
Group A  (Full Presentation)