The 5th Sejahtera Fellowship: Call for Researchers from Asia-Pacific RCEs

RCE Tongyeong is launching its 5th Fellowship Programme for researchers from Asia-Pacific RCEs. Every year, one researcher is invited to stay at the Tongyeong Sejahtera Center for 2-5 months to conduct research of  their interest and to produce a research report.


Research Theme

Comparative research on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) or among Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



  • To develop the ‘Sejahtera Project’ discussed among Asia-Pacific RCEs to search for an Asian approach to ESD.
  • To strengthen the regional network.
  • To create a new global learning space for ESD



Researchers in a research area related to ‘sustainable development’, with a recommendation from a member of an Asia Pacific RCEs. Download the application form and the detailed information on how to apply here.


Deadline: 30 June 2024


Application: Fill in the application form and submit the form to