8th African Regional Meeting

African Regional RCE Meeting 2018

8-10 August, 2018, Zomba, Malawi

The 8th African RCE Meeting was held at the Chancellor College in Zomba, Malawi from 8th – 10th August, 2018. The meeting was hosted by RCE Zomba, with support from the United Nations Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), the Government of Malawi, the network LEAD, the University of Malawi, and Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust under the theme, ‘Upscaling the Impact of African RCEs in Actualising the SDGs’.

A total of 52 participants took part in the 3-day meeting, with over 15 presentations from 10 RCEs – RCE Minna, RCE Swaziland (eSwatini), RCE Zomba, RCE Zaria, RCE Greater Nairobi, RCE Lusaka, RCE Greater Yenagoa, RCE South Rift, RCE Greater Uganda, and RCE Buea; the RCE Advisors – Prof. Akpezi and Prof. Goolam; and, a representative from UNU-IAS, a postdoctoral fellow from the ESD project, Dr. Leticia dos Muchangos.

Representatives from the African RCEs and other institutions working on sustainability issues met to share experiences and discuss the ways towards amplifying the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) actions, to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local, regional and global levels.

The main topics covered by the RCE presentations included the following themes:

  • Communities creating and maintaining sustainable environments (urban and peri-urban management, ecosystems protection, health and nutrition)
  • Cross-cutting and novel initiatives (technology use, gender issues, youth empowerment)
  • Sustainable management of natural and waste resources (plastic waste management, participatory approaches, regulatory frameworks for the SDGs)

In addition, Dr. Chimère, Director General of the African Model Forests Network, facilitated a workshop introducing the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) to the RCEs and the guidelines to get involved.

The last day of the meeting included site visits to the communities benefitting from the projects conducted by RCE Zomba and their partners.

Outcomes from the meeting are below, and a full recap of the meeting is available here

The meeting report from the host, RCE Zomba, is available here

Photos taken by Chancellor College (top left) and UNU-IAS (bottom right)





8th African RCE Meeting Programme

Symposium on 'Upscaling the Impact of African RCE’s in Actualising SDGs', Workshop on Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)



Presentation Presenter/s

The Unslumming Minna Project: A Path to Sustainable and Inclusive Urbanization

Abdul Husaini, RCE Minna

Sigwe Wetland Rehabilitation Project 

Belusile Mhlanga, RCE Swaziland

A Paradox? Tree Species Diversity and Carbon Storage in Zomba City

Frank Chimaimba, RCE Zomba

Enhancing the Understanding of Ecosystem (Vegetation) Change Detection Amongst Communities in Greater RCE Zaria Region

Ahmad Muktar, RCE Zaria

Adopt a River Initiative

Elizabeth Mwangi RCE Greater Nairobi

Sustainable Gardening: For Improved Student Health

Sopani Muzumara, RCE Lusaka

Technology Adoption by University Students in Malawi: Case of Chancellor College

Nertha Mgala, RCE Zomba

Women Empowerment Initiative Implementation Status in Gbarian/Ekpetiama Cluster Development Area, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Chief Kwen, Keme-Iderikumo, RCE Greater Yenagoa
Enhancing Habitat Rehabilitation Through Community Engagement and Action Brian Waswala, RCE South Rift

The Impact of Gender and Youths in Transformation of Communities through ESD in RCEs

Oyege Ivan, RCE Greater Uganda

Green Mount Cameroon

Chief Masango Sone, RCE Buea

How the Youth Can Be Used as an Instrument for Change in Trying to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Asantesana Chikopa, RCE Zomba

Hidden Crisis Malawi – UPGro: A social and natural science approach to enabling sustainable use of groundwater for the benefit of the poor

Chikondi Shaba, RCE Zomba

Participatory Scenario Planning as a Tool for the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 

Bernadettah M.K. Zimba, RCE Zomba

An Introduction to IPBES


Nature’s Contribution to People: The Africa Regional Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Mariteuw Chimère Diaw, IPBES

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Photos from the meeting have been uploaded on Facebook here.