RCE Chandigarh-2013

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Celebration of environmentally important days
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Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST)
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Dr. Neelima Jerath, Dr. Satnam Singh, Dr. S.k. Saxena
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The lead agency RCE Chandigarh, Punjab State Council for Science & Technology (PSCST) facilitated the ‘Celebration of International Biodiversity Day, 2013’ as under :

a) RCE Core member, Environment Information System (ENVIS) Centre in collaboration with Punjab Biodiversity Board (PBB) put up an exhibition at Students’ Centre of Punjab University, Chandigarh on 22nd May 2013 on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day. Panels /posters depicting the biodiversity of India as well as Punjab were exhibited. Students along with teaching and non teaching faculty of the University visited the exhibits. Staff of ENVIS Centre, PSCST and PBB explained the exhibits and created awareness among the visitors about the importance of conservation of Biodiversity. A game of Snakes & Ladders on the theme of Biodiversity was also played with the objective to create inquisitiveness and awareness about biodiversity related issues amongst students. Various resource materials of ENVIS and PBB such as booklets, newsletter, brochures etc were distributed.

b) PBB, DEEKSHA (a NGO) , ENVIS Centre in collaboration with new RCE member Sant Isher Singh School, Mohali celebrated International Biodiversity day by organizing lectures and quiz competition.


a) ENVIS Centre, along with Consultancy Cell of Punjab State Council for Science & Technology (PSCST) put up an exhibition at a state-level function organized by Punjab Pollution Control Board on World Environment Day (5-6-2013) at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Mohali. Various models of Energy Efficient and Pollution Control Device were displayed in the exhibition along with standees, posters, ENVIS literature etc. Officials from various departments, institutes, colleges, universities, industries associations along with students of various city schools visited the exhibition area. ENVIS distributed materials such as booklets, brochures, newsletter, leaflet etc to stall visitors. The visitors were also informed about the activities of RCE-Chandigarh and were motivated to join the network.

b) Shastri Model School, Mohali an active RCE Partner celebrated World Environment by inviting RCE partners, Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, ENVIS Centre-MoEF, State Institute of Science Education (SISE) and Punjab School Education Board (PSEB). The program was organized with financial support of National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) scheme of Ministry of Environment & Forests, GoI. Forty participants including school students & teachers, representatives from SISE, PSEB, NGOs and general public were present.


The leading agency of the RCE Chandigarh motivated the CloudSat Education Network schools (RCE Chandigarh partners) in Mohali and Jalandhar to organise various events to raise awareness regarding environmental changes on International Ozone day on 16th September, 2013.

a) RCE Partner Shastri Model School, Phase II, Mohali in collaboration with ENVIS Centre, Punjab State Council for Science and Technology celebrated the International Ozone day. Experts informed the current year theme‘ A Healthy Atmosphere, the Future We Want’ as announced by the Ozone Secretariat at United Nations and lectures were delivered by discussing the significance of ozone layer and understanding the ways & means of protecting the Ozone layer in day to day life. Further, the experts alarmed that the time is running out and motivated the students & teachers to join hands and share their understanding of ozone layer depletion with other community members to protect this layer before it is too late.

b) To spread awareness about saving the Ozone layer, CloudSat team in Govt High School, Phase XI, Mohali observed 'International Ozone Day' by paper reading and a poster making competition on the theme ‘Importance of the Ozone Layer and Environmental Protection’. Students from Class VIII to X participated in the events.

Further, to mark the day, to spread the information and create awareness in and amongst school children, the CloudSat teams in Jalandhar schools organized poster, quiz and paper reading competition on the current year’s theme .

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On Going
The lead agency celebrated and motivated its partner agencies to celebrate environmentally important days for capacity building of the LOCAL sustainability issues and motivate to take actions in this direction.
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