RCE Greater Western Sydney-2013

1. Project Title: 
Youth Eco Summit
3. Project partner contact information : 
Univeristy of Western Sydney
Committee Member, Workshops/Display Holder
Main Contact: 
Brittany Hardiman
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

YES is a unique two-day curriculum-based sustainability event designed to encourage students to adopt sustainable practices in all areas of life, to showcase practical initiatives and promote student leadership. YES includes hands-on workshops, seminars, displays and active learning projects for over 6,000 students and their teachers from 160 schools. It provides a unique platform for students to teach students, and for industry and tertiary educators to engage with youth on a wide range of sustainability topics. from energy, making money out of waste, sustaining biodiversity to sustainable agriculture, fostering local food security, Aboriginal culture, student activism, green skills at work and careers in the area.

YES provides opportunities for students from disadvantaged schools in western Sydney, as well as rural NSW schools, to attend and learn about sustainability issues and how to make a contribution to a better and more sustainable world through better education and opportunities. YES provides the wider community with an appreciation for the value of their education and the benefits it brings to their future lives and careers, and ultimately further study at UWS.

YES has been previously been identified by the Office of Engagement and International as a major project incorporating engaged learning, engaged research and community engagement.

The ultimate outcome of YES is that students from primary and secondary schools, in western Sydney and beyond, who participate in the program are involved in highly engaging educational activities that equip them to be active participants in creating a more sustainable world in their schools and in their communities. In addition their teachers are exposed to innovative curriculum ideas and resources that demonstrate strategies and opportunities for building their knowledge and capacity to undertake sustainability education initiatives in their schools.

YES raises awareness and visibility in the community of sustainability issues. TVS is filming the event and developing a series of sustainability series coming from the workshops at the summit. This means that a wider audience will reap the benefits of the summit and be able to access the information presented at the workshops. YES has recently been recognized for a NSW Green Globe Award for Public Sector Sustainability.

View our website - http://www.sydneyolympicpark.com.au/education_and_learning/partnerships/YES

6. Project status
On Going
The event has been running for 3 years, with the hope to gain sponsorship and funding for next year (2014)
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