RCE North East-2013

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Programme Production
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Jackie Scollen lodestonestudios@blueyonder.co.uk
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There has been a notable increase in unemployment in the North East over the past three years. According to the Commission on Youth unemployment, in 2011, regional youth unemployment rose by 120% with some areas seeing an increase of over 200%. The Commission estimated that at least quarter of young people in the North East are not in employment, education or training (NEET). This programme seeks to address problems of disengagement, low self-esteem and lack of generic skills by engaging young people in audio-visual literacy, debate and documentary production.

The programme focused on developing the voice of young people. Sessions were organised in progressive stages to build confidence and skills within a supportive team environment. The group was mentored by media professionals and functioned as a documentary ‘learning’ crew - sharing knowledge and exploring camera, audio, research, interview and presenter roles.

Early sessions developed basic camera, composition and communication competencies. Mid stages were practice based and built team awareness, social and functional skills. Later sessions introduced edit decisions for Internet publication. Multi-camera event filming required high-level teamwork, which stimulated cooperative behaviour and collective standards.

This unique educational framework introduced participants to a range of debates with subjects including community issues, art and politics, energy and the work of Tyneside engineer William Armstrong. The group devised their own questions and solicited opinions from community members, leaders, activists and the general public.

The participatory approach places emphasis on direct engagement and equality of voice. Interviews posted on the Internet form a body of work that is accessible to the group and also the wider public. The work is linked to community and education sites that support open public networks and inclusive participation.

Participants were typically referred from self-help groups and work programmes. Health and psychological issues presented barriers to learning. We are improving links with external agencies and adapting and differentiating resources to help us overcome these problems.

6. Project status
On Going
Work is in the final stages and will soon be available on the NECTER site. Some HYPODCasts generated during the project can be viewed at http://www.thegreatdebate.org.uk/HYPODCasts01.html
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