RCE Nuremberg-2011

1. General Information
Contact Name(s): 
Marissa Pablo-Dürr
Magdalena Musial
Organizational Affiliation : 
Pedagogical Institute and School Psychology of the City of Nuremberg
Pedagogical Institute and School Psychology of the City of Nuremberg
Role in the project: 
Contact Person
Project Coordinator
Project-relevant information: 
2. Project Information
1. Project title: 
NEST – Nuremberg Parents‘ Office for School Success and Participation
2. Project Description: 
The project aims to support parents of schoolchildren with immigrant backgrounds in dealing with the Bavarian school system. A team of 20 “Elternlotsen” or “parent navigators”, with language competencies in 18 languages, has been trained to offer support to teachers and all pedagogical personnel in schools, in order to insure a good working relationship with parents in intercultural settings.
3. Project Status: 
4. Key Words
Education, Integration
5. Project categories
Project categories: 
Awareness building
6. Expected outcomes:: 
The PISA studies on educational success
7. Duration of the Project:: 
Nov. 2009 – Oct. 2012
3. Project Leadership & Vision
8. Project coordination (e.g. teams): 
Project Coordinator sits in the Parents' Office at the RCE, Elternlotsen teams are present in their respective schools.
9. Leadership structure
a. Administration: 
b. Transactional: 
c. Transformational: 
4. Project results
10. Project results : 
We have trained two groups of "Elternlotsen" or “parent navigators” and have brought the two groups together to form school teams. We have forged working relationships with nine schools to date and have established the different groups in their respective schools. First activities have been the “Elterncafés” or Parents’ Cafés, where information over the Bavarian school system is given and discussed. In the coming school year, more schools are to be added to the network.
11. Contribution to reforms and innovations: 
On a local level, we are assisting schools in setting the stage for more school success through ensuring cooperation of parents.
12. Unexpected / unplanned results: 
It has been possible to plan a fusion with another project in the city, which has four educational assistants in Nuremberg schools and to apply for funding over the planned timeframe of NEST so that the sustainability of the results may be ensured.
13.Core Partners: 
Konrad Groß Schule,Uhlandschule,Wandere Schule,Geschwister Scholl Realschule,Knauer Schule,Reutersbrunnen Schule,Adalber Stifter Schule,Förderzentrum Bärenschnzstraße,Veit Stoß Realschule
5. Partnership and networking
14. Project Network
a. Information network: 
b. Knowledge network: 
c. Innovation network: 
6. Participation
15. Type of involvement: 
Schools inform us of their needs and problems regarding work with school parents and we formulate programs together for each of the schools involved.
16. Participation opportunities
a. Informational participation: 
b. Consultation participation: 
c. Decision influencing participation : 
7. Education & Learning
17. Educational activities: 
Parents' Cafés, Seminars, Supervision and further training for the parent navigators.
18. Learning activities: 
Many migrant parents come from countries where the educational systems are totally different from the Bavarian one. In the Parents' Cafés we give them information they need so they realize what is expected of them and what they can in turn expect.
19. Educational activities
b. Discussion: 
c. Interactive and Multidimensional "action oriented education": 
8. Research Integration
20. Research & Development (R&D): 
21. Research partners: 
Project Reports
Teacher Education
Traditional Knowledge and Bio-Diversity
Teacher Education and Better Schools
One More Issue: 
Traditional Knowledge and Medicine