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ICT-enabled Education for Sustainable Development
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UNESCO Chair ICT in ESD (University of Crete) & RCE Crete
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The UNESCO Chair of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development established at the University of Crete in cooperation with the RCE Crete took the initiative to form a consortium of seven European Universities with considerable experiences in the fields of ICT and ESD to propose a project entitled “ICT-enabled Education for Sustainable Development” to the European Commission for funding. This project aimed to develop a joint Master degree (deployed on an advanced virtual platform) in ICT in ESD offered in English. This project was approved by the European Commission and was financially supported (Project Number: 510212-LLP-1-2010-1-GR-ERASMUS-EVC and agreement number 2010-3494/001-001). The MSc. on "ICT in Education for Sustainable Development" is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on developing competence and skill on Education for Sustainable Development enabled by ICTs delivered through distance learning. The course curriculum is driven by a learning paradigm that merges three theories of learning, namely: experiential learning, constructivist learning and transformative learning. Students have access to and a complete understanding of a vast array of virtual collaboration tools and related resources geared towards student-generated questions that drive the content, processes and methods embedded in the learning experience. The program reflects the realities of the global/local environments and provides core courses together with highly specialized modules in the area of ICT-enabling education for sustainable development. Activities are designed to meet students’ various learning styles and encourage them to experience personal change towards learning to live together sustainabily. Students are engaged in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using the available digital and sustainable development resources.

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6. Project status
The online international MSc program ICT in Education for Sustainable Development is implemented by Frederick University, Cyprus, one of the partners under the coordination of Prof.Dr. Vassilios Makrakis, Director of the RCE Crete and UNESCO Chair ICT in ESD. Further information is available in the programmes/ website
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