Europe Regional Meeting 2018

Europe Regional RCE Meeting 2018

28-31 August, 2018, Vannes, France


Photo credits: Jiří Dlouhý (top and middle) and RCE Brittany (bottom)

Sixteen RCEs from 12 countries recently gathered in Vannes, France, for the 2018 European RCE Meeting, hosted by RCE Brittany from 29th – 31st August, 2018. Organised under the theme ‘ESD and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – how can RCEs coordinate both to achieve sustainable development?’, this meeting was the largest meeting of RCEs in Europe that has occurred to date. The Global RCE Service Centre wishes to extend a special thank you to Françoise Laveuve and the rest of the team at RCE Brittany for their tremendous commitment to the outstanding programme and hospitality.

Teacher training, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), and working with capacity building in vulnerable communities were among some of the themes discussed. RCEs from around the continent presented a number of their outstanding ESD projects from over the past twelve months, including projects involving partners from higher education, local government, the private sector, and many more. 

RCE Brittany shared their fascinating project on teachers’ perspectives about teaching the interactions between the SDGs. Both RCE Crete and RCE Euroregion Tyrol showcased projects that were successfully funded by the Erasmus Programme, working with integrating the SDGs into a Master’s programme and creating competencies for businesses in socio-economic development, respectively. RCE Nuremberg and the Hans Seidel Foundation in Shanghai presented with RCE Hangzhou (the newest RCE in China) on ESD in teacher training in both Germany and China. In addition, Jos Hermans (Regional Advisor to the RCE Community – Europe) along with RCE London and RCE Oldenburger Münsterland highlighted curriculum development and engagement with migrant communities within the context of TVET.

Other ESD projects shared during the meeting included a case of learning cities from RCE Bordeaux Aquitaine, a programme explicitly addressing the SDGs in teacher training from RCE Scotland, universities working with the private sector to supply capacity building for citizens in solving local sustainable development challenges from RCE Nizhny Novgorod, and a municipal education programme around Goal 14 and ocean literacy from RCE Skâne. In addition, one of the newest RCEs in the region – RCE Warsaw Metropolitan – made their debut during the meeting, and shared their work on connecting their urban partners with Warsaw’s surrounding national park.

Details of the meeting can be found on the meeting website:

Outcomes from the meeting are below, and a full recap of the meeting is available here.

A meeting report from the host, RCE Brittany, is available here.



European Regional RCE Meeting 2018 Programme



Presentation Presenter/s
Introduction to the Overarching Theme: ESD and the SDGs – How Can RCEs Coordinate Both of Them to Achieve the SDGs? Françoise Laveuve, RCE Brittany
Update from the Global RCE Service Centre and the UN System Philip Vaughter, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)
Policy Recommendation on Curriculum Development for Vocational Schools towards Education for Sustainable Development: Methods for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Competencies and Curricula Detlev Lindau-Bank, RCE Oldenburger Münsterland
Opportunities in TVET for Migrant Entrepreneurship Education Ros Wade, RCE London
COMMEET: Community Empowerment for TVET Jos Hermans, Regional Advisor to the RCE Community – Europe
From ‘Citizen to Civic Science’ – Linking Our Activities to Quality Education for All. How We Are Developing ‘SDG 4.7’ Across Sectors and Phases Margaret Fleming, RCE East Midlands
SDGs and School Culture Anna Maaria Nuutinen, RCE Helsinki Metropolitan
Integration of Education for Sustainable Development into the University Curriculum via Lectures and Projects Cooperation between University, City Administration, and Society in Aalen Ulrich Holzbaur and Daniela Dorrer, Candidate RCE Ostwürttemberg-Aalen
Learning Cities and PIA3/TIGA Project Michel Ricard, RCE Bordeaux Aquitaine
Challenges to Sustainability Addressed by the Regional Centre of Expertise Czechia Jana Dlouhá, Jiří Dlouhý, Laura Henderson, and Dana Kapitulčinová, RCE Czechia
Integrating the SDGs into School Action Plans: Results from a Teacher Training Workshop in Greece Vasiliki Kioupi, Imperial College London
Integrating SDGs in the MSc for Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Security (CCSAFS) Program: A Rubric for Assessing the Integration of the Earth Charter into the CCSAFS Program Vassilios Makrakis and Nelly Kostoulas, RCE Crete
On the Track of New Didactic Tools for Education in Sustainable Development David Rangan, RCE Denmark
Values and Learning for Sustainability in Initial Teacher Education Betsy King, RCE Scotland
Welsh Universities Doing Things Differently Einir Young, RCE Cymru/Wales
Education for Sustainble Development (ESD) – The Nature Can Be a Classroom
RCE Hangzhou – Building Bridges between Europe and Asia: Raising Problem-solving Global Citizens
Christian J. Büttner, RCE Nuremberg;
Janne Leino, Chen Xiaping, and Fu Weija, Hans Seidel Foundation Shanghai/RCE Hangzhou
Academy of New Faces: Sustainable Thinking and Sustainable Local Public Activities on the Ground with RCE Nizhny Novgorod Andrey Dakhin, RCE Nizhny Novgorod
CASE – Competencies for a Sustainable Socio-economic Development Johanna Bernhardt, RCE Euroregion Tyrol
SDG 14 and Ocean Literacy in Malmö Monika Månsson, RCE Skåne
A Teacher’s Perspective on the Interaction between the United Nations’ SDGs Françoise Laveuve and Salim Lardjane, RCE Brittany
Environmental Justice in an Intercultural Frame – Empowering Local Communities for Sustainability Martin O’Connor, RCE Paris-Seine
Workshop: Communication Strategy among the RCEs Ros Wade, RCE London
RCE Warsaw Metropolitan as the Place of Cooperation between Partners from the Urban Zone and the Kampinoski National Park – Interrelatedness of Environmental and Social Issues Anna Kalinowska, RCE Warsaw Metropolitan

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Photos from the meeting have been uploaded to Facebook here.