Europe Regional Meeting 2020

Europe Regional RCE Meeting 2020

24-25 November, 2020, virtual/online

(Photo credit: De Montfort University)

The Europe Regional Meeting 2020 was held online from 24-25 November, 2020 and hosted by RCE East Midlands under the theme 'Climate Emergency: Joined-up Action'. 

The two-day online event brought together members of European RCEs, and those with an interest in collaborative local action and learning for sustainability.

Short talks were pre-recorded (available below), which left space during the conference for discussion on talks or interactive online workshops. 

The programme included a wide range of short talks and interactive workshops, addressing local climate action, nature education in schools, climate justice education and much more, along with evening social activities. 





24-25 November, 2020

Climate Emergency: Joined-up Action


The programme can be accessed here.

Event website
Europe Regional RCE Meeting 2020 website



Presentation Presenter/s
Welcome from RCE East Midlands Dr. Andrew Reeves, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD), De Montfort University
Welcome from Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan Ms. Kiyoka Miki, Director, Office of Environmental Education, General Policy Division, Ministry's Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Introduction to Carbon Literacy Dr. Andrew Reeves, RCE East Midlands
Carbon Literacy in Schools  Lee Jowett and Amy Peace, Leicester City Council
Art and Climate - Using Creativity to Understand the Crisis  Laura Curtis-Moss, RCE Scotland
Re-imagining the Landscape of Future Living and Learning through Biomaterial Exploration Sabine Lettmann, Zoe Hillyard and Beth White, Birmingham City University
Sustainability Approaches with Fashion and Textiles Higher Education  Carolyn Hardaker and Buddy Penfold, De Montfort University

The Well-being of Future Generations: A Framework for Joined-up Action on Climate Emergency (Part 1)

The Well-being of Future Generations: A Framework for Joined-up Action on Climate Emergency (Part 2)

Gwenith Elias, RCE Cymru/Wales
Education for Sustainable Development as a Key Factor of the Future of a European City Dr. Christian Buettner, RCE Nuremberg
Crowd Mapping as an Efficient Tool for Citizens' Engagement in Local Climate Adaptation Practices  Kate Sposab, RCE Belarus
Climate Emergency in Brittany and After COVID-19 Françoise Laveuve, RCE Brittany




Presentation Presenter/s

RCE Short Updates:

RCE East Midlands video
RCE Scotland video
RCE Fryslan video (candidate)
RCE Zurich video, RCE Zurich presentation
RCE London videoRCE London document update
RCE Hamburg document update  
RCE Ruhr document updateRCE Ruhr posters
RCE Nizhny Novgorod poster
RCE Czechia presentation
RCE Olderburger Münsterland presentation, RCE 
Olderburger Münsterland posters
RCE Ostwurttemberg presentation

Various RCEs
Update from Global RCE Service Centre Dr. Philip Vaughter, Research Fellow, UNU-IAS
Confronting Social Engineering with ESD: The Case of Destructive Mining Joám Evans Pim, RCE Galicia & Montescola Foundation
Youth Voice and Climate Action Margaret Fleming, Adam Cade, Debs McCahon
Climate Justice Education: Between Social Movement Learning and Schooling Beth Christie, RCE Scotland
Germinating Life, Cultivating a Pocket Garden  Cecilia Eyssartier and Luis Monterubianesi, RCE Ruhr
Youth for Trees: Developing Outdoor Climate Activities and Action through Trees and Forests  Adam Cade, RCE East Midlands
Empowering Young People to Bring about Change  Debs McCahon, Woodcraft Folk
ESD Supervision 4.0 – Policy Making and Campaigning Betsy King, RCE Scotland and Detlev Lindau-Bank, RCE Oldenburger Münsterland
Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning: Enabling Joined-up Action for a Better World Kirsten Leask, RCE Scotland
Mapping your Organisation's Contribution to the UN SDGs  Asha Mistry, University of Leicester, RCE East Midlands
Systems Thinking as a Threshold Concept for Sustainable Education Dr Jemma Browne, Dr Matthew Jones, Dr Sandra Costa, Dawn Parke, Birmingham City University


Please note recordings of the sessions will be available soon.