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Global Partnership for Education Beyond 2014

Dear All,

After 2014, we need a more radical approach to achieving sustainable development through education. Partnerships and collaborations will be key to sustaining sustainable development especially under the key 5 Principles of Global Call for Action on ESD.

Partnership with UN Global Education First Initiative based on ESD pillars; collaboration with UN Inter-Agency Network for Youth Development and World Federations of United Nations Associations Youth Network, also initiating virtual gathering and online sustainability debates for youth through different Youth Network’s portal will be key in supporting youth as change agent.

Let us all call for partnership that last long which will also incorporate both the youth, learners, educators, local communities for a qualitative education for all.

Thank you,

RCE Kano


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Dear Usman, Education is the most powerful tool in ensuring implementation of ESD even beyond 2014. We all need to merge efforts as a Globe irrespective of our age.

Thank you, Hamisi Mkuzi for RCE-Greater Pwani (Kenya)
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Dear Hamisi, Education is indeed the cornerstone and key to sustainability of our earth, we therefore need to work together as a team to make it possible. Thanks
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Well said Usman! As we speak, there are a million people on this earth today who are not privileged to step a foot in a classroom. Out of these, there is a percentage that thinks positive about caring the environment while the rest lack a definable stand. I do feel that education shouldn't limited to 'just education'! where a teacher gets into a class to teach only those who can afford to attend school, but rather it should be more than that. It is our responsibility to move where the community is and share the little knowledge we have in a more general form i.e ESD. Every fellow has a right to improve their skills, so why not share our skills with the less privileged? THANK YOU! HAMISI MKUZI for RCE-Greater Pwani _Kenya