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Global RCE Youth Network Meeting for Africa and Database Collection

Dear All,

After the successful conferences in Japan, we therefore think we should bring together our youth under one umbrella inorder to take the GAP to another level. It is therefore in this regard I am organising Continental RCE Youth Network meeting on Friday the 28th November via skype. I would like to request for a Youth representative from each of your RCEs to participate in the meeting. The Agenda of the meeting would be sent to participants in the next following days.

I need her/his skype ID, name of RCE, her/his email, and her/his full name on or before 25th November. Please you can get back to us through this email.

Thank you.

Usman RCE-Kano


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Dear All,
As Usman rightly pointed out we should not only concentrate on meeting the GAP articles but we should extend our effort, activities and expertise to such numerous areas that were and are still not covered by GAP.
Ali Bukar
RCE Kano