International SDG Challenge School Program (Quality Education) During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 to Saturday, October 2, 2021
Event Place: 

Organised by RCE Penang, Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with SMK Datuk Onn Butterworth, Penang, the 'International SDG Challenge School Program (Quality Education) During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Perspective from Students through Sustainability Competition' will be held virtually from 1 September - 2 October, 2021.

This program will serve as a platform for all Sejahtera Club members, schools from Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Indonesia to get together, share and disseminate ideas, information, and efforts and promote good competitive value among students regarding co-curriculum activities at schools and home. To register, please complete the online form via QR Code.

Student leadership in sustainability cannot be achieved single handed by single stakeholders. Collaboration proves a strategic avenue to develop students' leadership in the SDGs. Therefore, in line with 21st century learning competencies, it is essential that students are empowered to create innovation and inventions related to sustainability. It is important that students play a leading role in the SDGs and share with other students around Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. This program will feature elements of sustainable community focusing on co-curriculum activities focusing on SDG 4: Quality Education and the COVID-19 pandemic. How does this pandemic affect the students in terms of the teaching and learning process: before, during and post the COVID-19 pandemic?

There are two main activities in this program:

A. Co-curriculum Sustainability Competition (1 September – 24 September, 2021)
1. STEM & Innovation Smart and Creative Recycling Competition
2. Healthy Camping No-Cook Snacks Food Competition
3. RCE PENANG@USM-DOB 5 KM Virtual Run Challenge 2021

B. Webinar Learning Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2 October, 2021)
In this regard, we are honored to invite schools’ students to join our Sustainability Competition and Webinar Learning Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Further details can be found in the concept note.