RCE Gippsland-2014

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Open Space Forum "Creating a Sustainable Gippsland. What are the Issues and Opportunities".
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Admin and support
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Tia Navanteri
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Open Space Forum on the topic " Creating a Sustainable Gippsland. What are the issues and opportunities". An invitation to community members was accepted by a wide cross section of the community to attend the University and take part in the discussion. It occurred days after a fire that lasted for 45 days in a coal mine that was very close to the campus. The forum had taken several months to prepare, but was timely as a venue that gave community members space and opportunity to share with others their frustrations, knowledge and ideas for on-going community development and improvement. Follow up took the form of a report being sent to the regional planning authority and several action groups forming to

pursue issues of relevance to them.

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