RCE Greater Portland-2016

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Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference
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Lane Community College
Host Institution
Mary Dannevik
Social Enterprises
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Heather Spalding
Portland State University
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GPSEN co-sponsored the conference and helped with outreach.  We participated in tabling and the poster session.  Participants from higher education institutions across our region attended the conference, at Lane Community College, in Eugene, Oregon.

Presenters included Briar Schoon, Heidi Sickert, Elaine Cole, and Kim Smith, from Portland Community College, and Heather Spalding and Irene Bailey, from Portland State University. Heather and Irene presented a Sustainability Leadership Workshop that connected conference attendees to the SDGs by identifying their strengths and areas of opportunity as sustainability leaders. Each guest reflected on how their own unique skills and talents contribute to a more sustainable world.

6. Project status
The conference was held February 4-5, 2016. It is a bi-annual conference, shared between Washington and Oregon.

The OHESC conference was very successful, with high participation and engagement, and inspiring speakers and campus tours.
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