German RCE Meeting in Nuremberg

On March 6 and 7, the German RCEs met in Nuremberg to discuss the National Action Plan and topics such as :

  1. Under the leadership of RCE Ruhr, a secure information platform and a free database named TING for networking and the dissemination of best practice projects will be created.
  2. The European RCE Meeting and its details for 2017. The meeting will focus on indigenous culture in Europe, the theme of participation and cooperation. More details on the European RCE meeting can soon be found here.

The National Action Plan summarises concrete objectives and measures for the structural anchoring of ESD in the educational landscape. It included objectives, action recommendations and best practice initiatives for each area of ​​education and is to be implemented by the end of the Global Action Programme (GAP) in 2019. At the same time, the Action Plan is designed to meet the sustainable development objectives of the Agenda 2030 and is intended to create a basis for long-term action. During the course of 2017 the National Platform will adopt the National Action Plan.