Outcomes RCE Americas Meeting 2017 'Sustainable Communities: Exploring the Role of ESD in Development of a Green Culture

These presentations were part of the RCE Americas Meeting 2017 on Sustainable Communities: Exploring the Role of ESD in Development of a “Green Culture”, 13 - 15 September 2017, Vancouver, Canada.


Opening Remarks Mr. Charles Hopkins – UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability and Adviser to RCEs in the Americas

Opening Remarks Dr. Kumi Tashiro – Ministry of the Environment - Japan 

RCE British Columbia Josh Coward, M.Ed., (SFU Alumnus)  - Video here

Progress of RCE Global Network and GAP, UNU-IAS

RCE Bogotá:  How Urban Youth Can Be an Engine To Achieve More Sustainable, Low Carbon Lifestyles: Beginning in Bogotá, Diana Carolina Páez Moreno

RCE Guatemala Course Diploma: Mayan Communities and Bio-Cultural Diversity, Eduardo Sacayon 

RCE Cuenca del Plata - The SDGs Go to School: How to Connect a Region through Key Stakeholder Engagement towards Sustainable Development between Current and Future Generations, Diego Adamson    

RCE Curitiba – Paraná: Ten Years of Challenges and Victories In Promoting ESD, Patricia Charvet and Maira Ruggi 

RCE Greater Burlington - Burlington Geographic, Walter Poleman 

RCE Greater Burlington - Several Innovative Sustainability Initiatives for Various Sectors in RCE Greater Burlington, Thomas Hudspeth 

RCE Georgetown - Transforming Education and Community: Flood Adaptation and Mitigation toward Coastal Resilience in Georgetown, South Carolina, Pamela Martin and Michelle LaRocco

RCE Greater Portland - Honoring the Past, while Creating the Future, Kim Smith and Linda Harmon-Walker

RCE Peterborough-Kawarthas - Our new RCE: A Demonstration of Community Collaboration and a Commitment to Sustainability Education, Jane Gray

RCE Grand Rapids - What Has RCE Grand Rapids Accomplished? Towards a Sustainable Community, City, and Culture, Michael Lorr

RCE Shenandoah Valley - Pathway to a Sustainable Shenandoah Valley, Samuel Stoner

RCE Greater Western Sydney - Exploring social ecology in Western Sydney, David Wright

UNU-IAS - National Focal Points, Local Actors, and the Role of the UN System in Action for Climate Empowerment and Education, Philip Vaughter

RCE British Columbia (Summary of Ongoing Projects and Case Studies)  - walking tour

RCE Saskatchewan - Changing Local and Institutional Cultures for Sustainable Development: Updates on the Yancoal Potash Mine and Eco-museum Developments in Saskatchewan, Roger Petry, Adela Kincaid, and Roxanne Wagner 

Workshop: ESD asset and expertise mapping in the Americas – no presentations available.

Field Trip 1: A Walking tour of Vancouver lead by RCE British Columbia

Field Trip 2 – ESD in Vancouver Parks and Greenspaces

RCE Americas action plans and asset mapping - resources will be shared soon.