Open Call to Host RCE Events in 2022

The Global RCE Service Centre gladly announces an open call to host RCE events in 2022. 

Applications are being accepted to host the following events: 

  • 14th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 
  • 12th African Regional Meeting 
  • 11th Americas Regional Meeting 
  • Europe Regional Meeting (Please note this is an open call for the next meeting after the European Regional RCE Meeting was hosted by RCE Fryslan from 8-9 February, 2022) 

The Global RCE Network is guided by principles of open communication, fair play, the sharing of ideas and support of each other. The opportunity to meet face-to-face and connect provides benefit to individual RCEs and the community as a whole. 

Cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder networking creates opportunities for brainstorming, piloting and up-scaling policies for integrating sustainability thinking into all aspects of society. Our ideas, projects and collaborations are what is needed, as is our capacity as a network. It strengthens the interface between science, policy and society, thereby linking education and development. 

The Regional RCE Meetings in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe continue to be important mechanisms to create synergies within the network and specifically within and across regions. These events provide a platform for discussion, networking, the sharing of knowledge, and learning.  

RCEs interested in hosting a regional meeting listed above are encouraged to apply. RCEs may host as individual RCEs or work with other RCEs as joint hosts. Because RCEs are multi-stakeholder networks, participation from different actors (organisations and individuals) within the RCE is critical in hosting duties.  

Applicants are encouraged to research any global, regional, or local ESD/SD conferences or other activities that are within their geographic area which may be synergistic with RCE activities when proposing a date and venue. The Global RCE Service Centre will gladly work with the chosen RCE(s) on designing a conference programme and coordinating a timeline, as well as promoting events via the UNU-IAS channels. Please note, however, the meeting host is requested to cover the organisational costs in most cases. 

Considering the regulations of the host region, including travel restrictions in relation to COVID-19, please propose a suitable modality (online, in-person, or hybrid). In order to respond to the changing situation, flexibility in terms of the modality and programme will be necessary. The health and safety of participants is our first priority.  

TO APPLY: Please complete the Proposal to Host RCE Event 2022 Form, to be submitted with an official letter of interest, a tentative programme, budget sheet, and any other supporting documents (optional), to the Global RCE Service Centre at by Tuesday, 15 March, 2022 (11:59pm JST) (extended). **Applications have now closed.**

For reference, the following information is requested in the form: 

  • Proposed dates (usually 2-3 days) 
  • Proposed modality (online, in-person, or hybrid)  
  • Proposed theme or thematic areas for the meeting 
  • Relevance of the theme to the region 
  • Location and capacity of proposed venue 
  • Accessibility of the proposed venue and accommodation 
  • Timeline showing preparation of the proposed meeting 
  • Tentative sources of funding and proposed budget outline 
  • Contact person(s) with relevant assigned tasks and/or responsibilities 
  • Any events that will be held back-to-back with the meeting 
  • Visa requirement reference (for meeting participants) e.g. URL for a website of your country’s department of immigration 

Please note that following the submission deadline, the Global RCE Service Centre will conduct interviews with host candidates to aid in the selection process. 

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Global RCE Service Centre (