Project Neuru Season 2 Orientation Event Held

On 14 May, 2022, RCE Dobong‐gu held a Zoom orientation for the ‘Global ESD Youth Project Neuru Season 2', a project to improve ecological literacy and glocal leadership of domestic and foreign youths. 'Neuru' is a Korean word meaning 'for a long time, not all at once', which could be translated to aiming for sustainable development for youth for a long time.

For this ‘Project Neuru II’, RCE Dobong‐gu recruited youths from February to April 2022, and this year, a total of 108 elementary, middle (junior-high), high school and college students from 48 schools participated in the orientation from RCE Hangzhou, RCE Kitakyushu, RCE Srinagar and Mason city (USA).  

The theme of 2022's ‘Project Neuru Season 2’ is ‘Sustainable Fashion’. By linking SDG 9 and SDG 12, various issues related to fashion to help save the earth will be focused on using the photo-voice research method. The project runs five sessions for elementary school students and eight sessions for elementary, middle, high school and college students. Season 2 is a long journey for a total of 8 months, once a month on Saturdays, comprising of: Fashion Viewing through History (session 2); Introducing my Fashion (session 3); Clothes Collection Box in Our Area (session 4); Fashion causes problems? (session 5); Fast Fashion (session 6); I am a Good Fashionista (session 7); Completion ceremony, photo exhibition and sharing event (session 8); and Creating personal activity portfolios and sharing reports with the RCE community.

'Project Neuru' is based on the 'photo-voice research method' that focuses on one’s own voice and experience through the medium of ‘photography’. One of the characteristics of this project is that when participating students, as ‘participating researchers’, fill out and submit the worksheet presented by Project Neuru Season 2, RCE Dobong‐gu will analyse the worksheets through various research methods to make reports during the Zoom meeting for each session. In the future, the overall results drawn from the project will be used to create individual activity portfolios and shared with the RCE community.

(Photo credit: RCE Dobong-gu)