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Centre For Environment Education
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Santosh R Sutar
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Swacha Shale is one such SSHE programme initiated by the RCE Bengaluru in Solur Hobali of Magadi Taluk, Ramanagara District that aims at providing WASH facilities in school and sensitizing students and teachers on WASH issues. Providing proper WASH (Water, sanitation and Hygiene) facility in school is essential for effective learning and prevention of disease prone to school aged children.

A multistage assessment was done before initiation of the Swacha Shale to study basic WASH facilities available in school. The baseline survey reveals that even though the 98% of the school have the gender segregated toilets and urinals, most of the school lack the hand wash unit for washing hands which is one of the key basic facility needed in the school.

Hand washing an issue: Hand washing with soap at critical times—such as after defecation and before handling food—has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of diarrhea. Hand washing with soap is has been cited as one of the most cost effective interventions to prevent Diarrhoeal related deaths and disease (Cairncross and Valdmamis 2006). Despite this benefit, rates of hand washing with soap at critical times are very low throughout the developing world. As part of school sanitation issues, hand washing with soap behavior can be generated and sustained among the school children using innovative promotional approaches.

Many studies also show that Handwashing with soap is a simple and effective measure to prevent transmission of fecal–oral disease and other infectious diseases in school-age children. Therefore, encouraging hand washing practices in schools helps in reducing the incidence of diarrhea among children and also raising the status of schools lack quantity, quality and usage of sanitation facilities through Swacha shale proramme was the main goal.

Priority areas are identified for WASH in school

 Identify key gaps, challenges & priority areas for action relating to WASH in schools of Solur and develop a timely micro plan

 Strengthen the monitoring system and promote sustainable WASH

 Base line survey will include the information of schools having WASH facilities

 Orientation of the Head Master or Teacher in charge on WASH issues

 Organizing Hygiene education camps in schools to create awareness in school, SDMC and community level

 Providing Hand wash infrastructure to selected school as a one of the basic WASH facility along with other minor repairs

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On Going
Education Department, Govt of Karnataka impressed by the outcomes of Hand wash unit construction and Hand wash practice in school of Solur, have been incorporate this programme into their scheme and have been scaled to 7500 schools of Karnataka.

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