RCE Chandigarh-2014

1. Project Title: 
Communicating Education for Sustainable Development with special reference to local Issues.
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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3. Project partner contact information : 
Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST)
Organizer of Program
Main Contact: 
Dr. Neelima Jerath
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

The Project was undertaken by Environment Information System Centre (ENVIS) scheme of Government of India which targets schools, Government organizations, Academic institutions, R& D organizations, NGOs, etc. The initiatives catalysed in communicating ESD with special reference to local issues to further foster sustainable living practices in the region to meet RCE Chandigarh’s vision ‘Small steps at local level adding to giant leaps at Global level’. The Project includes publication of four Newsletters as under:

• ‘Air Quality: Status and Trends in Punjab’: The issue discusses over all scenario of quality of air in various important cities of Punjab. It also depicts trends witnessed over the past few years. Further, it endeavours to highlight the initiatives taken by various agencies particularly by Punjab Pollution Control Board and Punjab State Council for Science & Technology for controlling air pollution in Punjab and suggestions for mitigating problem of air pollution.

• ‘Indigenous Farm Animals in Punjab’: The article enumerates important indigenous/native domestic animals with special focus on indigenous breeds of farm animals reared in Punjab. Various significant characteristics of these animals; their current status and geographical distribution and insight on the conservation efforts at State Level have been given.

• ‘Indus River Dolphin (Planista Gangetica minor): Status & Conservation in Punjab (India)’: The newsletter confers the ‘Dolphin’, an important aquatic top level mammal in an ecosystem with brief notes on the different types of river dolphins. It highlights the recently sighted species of river dolphin, Indus River Dolphin (Planista Gangetica minor). The article emphasizes their plight, to educate and promote the conservation efforts in place to help preserve the ecosystem where the dolphins live so that they can continue to survive.

• ‘Invasive Alien Plant Species in Punjab’: The article provide an insight to invasion of alien plant species in India and their mechanical, chemical & biological control measures. It documents the four major invasive alien plant species in Punjab namely, Lantana camara, Parthenium hyterophorus, Ageratum conyzoides and Eichhonia crassipes. The newsletter suggests the need to design informed management and monitoring strategies against problematic plant invasions in the state. Further, it also highlights that a better planning may be worked upon to establish linkages between taxonomists, ecologists and land managers for management of invasive alien plant species.

6. Project status
On Going
The Newsletter is published under ENVIS Scheme of Ministry of Environment , Forests & Climate Change, Govt of India.
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