RCE Chandigarh-2015

1. Project Title: 
Sensitization Project on Climate Change in Punjab
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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Punjab State Council for Science & Technology
Organizer of Program
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Dr. Neelima Jerath
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Climate change has isa matter of serious concern for all due to its adverse environmental implications. The project was undertaken to make the target groups understand the science of climate change, the drivers of this change and initiatives required to ensure sustainability of natural resources in face of emerging challenges. Awareness of masses regarding climate change was done to mobilize public for their active participation in adaptation and mitigation programmes. Since the capacity building & awareness activities involving educational institutions including schools and line departments help in developing knowledge networks for sharing information on key climatic factors, processes, risks and consequences, the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology (PSCST) decided to organize programmes like meetings, trainings & workshops, plantation & cleanliness drives, competitions, seminars, lectures, discussions, awareness rallies, marches, cycle rally, banner campaigns, etc in the state. Further, PSCST took an initiative to celebrate ‘Climate Change Awareness Week’ in schools of Punjab state. This activity is first of its kind where a large number of educational institutions were targeted to create mass awareness.

6. Project status
Following Capacity Building, Trainings, Workshops and Meetings have been held:
1)Workshop-cum-meeting for District Science Supervisors23.12.2014 on the theme ‘Climate Change’ with an objective to disseminate the information on this issue among teachers & students. 27 DSSs and teachers participated in the workshop.
2) TROPMET- a four day National Symposium on Weather & Climate Extremes from 15.02.15 to 18.02.15 where climatic changes and associated issues were highlighted.
3)One day Capacity Building Workshop-cum-Interactive Meeting for all stakeholder agencies on 17.03.2015 at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Public Administration, Chandigarh for implementation of State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) in Punjab. 54 Nodal and Co-nodal officers from various line departments of Punjab government participated.
4)A follow up workshop-cum-interactive meeting for District Science Supervisors was organized on 27.03.2015 to discuss Climate Change related activities through schools.
5)An interactive meeting for formulating projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation activities for accessing finances from various national and international sources was held on June 1, 2015.Focus of the workshop was to formulate projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation for accessing finances from various national and international sources namely, Green Climate Fund (GCF), Adaptation Fund (AF) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, National Clean Energy Fund (NCEF), Climate Change Action Programme (CCAP) and National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC). 23 participants from various line departments of the Government of Punjab attended the meeting.
6)Workshop for District Science Supervisors held on 14.7.2015 & 15.7.2015 in the Council to discuss climate change issues and work out modalities for celebration of ‘Climate Change Awareness Week’.
7)orientation programme for District Science Supervisors/Master Trainers/ Eco-club in-charge teachers of active NGC schools at Pushpa Gujral Science City (PGSC), Kapurthala, Punjab on 24.07.2015. 46 participants from all over the state attended the programme.
8)Capacity Building of line departments for implementation of SAPCC: to identify areas for formulation of project proposals on Climate Change adaptation and mitigation activities in the agriculture and allied sectors for accessing finances from Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Adaptation Fund (AF) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as per guidelines of various Funds.
9)Three day training Programme on Climate Change Adaptation in Punjab:A three days training programme on ‘Climate Change Adaptation’ was jointly organized by PSCST and GIZ from 10-12, September, 2015 in the Council. 25 nodal and co-nodal officers of various concerned departments participated.
10:Celebration of Climate Change week:All the districts of Punjab state have celebrated the ‘Climate Change Awareness Week’ from 27-07-2015 to 02-08-2015. Total of 5500 schools were mobilized to conduct awareness programmes in schools. The activities conducted during the programme were seminars, debates, workshops, rallies, plantation & cleanliness drives, poster-making competitions and visit to Climate Change Theater at PGSC, Kapurthala for students where climate change movie was screened. Activities organized by the schools were monitored involving DSSs and active teachers.
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