RCE Dobong-gu Holds 'Orientation of Project Neuru Season 3’

On 21 April 2023, RCE Dobong-gu held an orientation on Zoom for the '2023 Global ESD Youth Project Neuru Season 3' to promote ecological literacy and glocal leadership among domestic and international youth. Over 100 students, teachers, and guardians from various RCE cities participated in the orientation to celebrate the start of Project Neuru Season 3.

Project Neuru, which has been running for three years, operates annually with a different theme each year, and uses a Zoom-based photo-voice research method. In 2021, Season 1 was focused on 'The Truth of Hamburgers', and in 2022, Season 2 was focused on 'Sustainable Fashion'. This year, Season 3 will be held under the theme 'A House that Saves the Earth', and will focus on sustainable and eco-friendly residences.

To prepare for this project, RCE Dobong-gu recruited domestic and international youth from March to April 2023, with a total of 145 students from 67 schools in 12 RCE cities and 2 RCE candidate cities across Korea, China, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Project Neuru officially commenced in May with groups consisting of elementary students (Group A) and middle school (junior high school), high school and undergraduate students (Group B). Group A will have their completion ceremony in July, and Group B will have their completion ceremony in October. Participants who complete the project will receive a certificate of completion in the name of the Mayor of Dobong-gu and a personal activity portfolio.

The annual 'Dobong ESD Open Seminar (DEOS)', held in conjunction with Project Neuru will be upgraded to the 'Dobong ESD International Forum (DEIF)'. Youth speakers of DEIF 2023 will be eligible, centering on those who have completed Project Neuru.

Further information for RCE cities interested in Project Neuru can be accessed here.

Watch a video about Project Neuru here.

(Photo credit: RCE Dobong-gu)